Miised Free Throws

Reid Gettys should have the need inserted into the NC State game over Alvin Franklin for the last 7 minutes! We would have won the National Championship! We lost complete momentum with those missed 1 and 1 foul shots by Franklin.

Who works with form on some of the lesser FT shooting folks?

Reid hit 10 free throws as a freshman in the 1982 regional at St. Louis against Boston College. I was there and we played Mizzou in our 1st game and Boston College in the second game. Reid only played 8 minutes and took no shots from the floor, but hit the last 10 free throws to send us to the Final Four winning 99-92.

I was with the alumni group and when we got on the chartered bus to go back to the hotel, I yelled, “That Reid Gettys is a clutcher!” His mother yelled, “Reid Gettys is a fine boy!”

That was a great year and I went to all home games, the SWC tourney in Dallas, the Sub-Regional in Tulsa (at Oral Roberts), the Regional in St. Louis, and the Final Four in New Orleans. IMHO, there is nothing more exciting in sports than following your team every game to the Final Four.

Texastee1, I agree we should have put Reid in at least the last couple of minutes. Alvin was a good player, but Reid was the better FT shooter. The next year the NCAA initiated the double bonus. If it had been in effect that year, I don’t think Alvin would have bricked all those free throws.

But 30%? He looked like he was just throwing the ball at the rim on a couple of those. He needs more coaching and should be shooting about 100-200 each day until he’s at least 55%.

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You guys are funny. This team has not been a poor FT shooting team. Leading the conference at 77% before the game. Guys like White, Alley and Brady have been good missed some and even Davis missed one. Then there was Harris to bring down the % and and a lane violation to steal one of the makes. Will we make them when it really counts? Who knows, that is what the games are played for, to find out. I may be wrong but come tournament time I see Gresham getting those minutes back behind Brady and see us playing a lot with White and Alley together.

Qnd LOL at those saying Harris just needs to practice more. Honestly he is much better now than a year ago but still has not touch. He has learned how to aim the ball in the right direction.


We were 13-26 at one point last night and ended up 23-36 so we made 10-13 to close out the game. I would rather make them in crunch time than to miss them when the game is on the line.


Might check the numbers . . . . .

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That would be 10-10 in Coog math! :joy:
Brady was 2-2, Davis 8-8, in last 4+ mins of the gm.


The announcers mentioned 77% Free throw shooting before the game but they are/were wrong. We were 73.7% before and we’re 72.9% now. These % aren’t horrible and if we shot these % EVERY game, no one would complain but we don’t. We have 80% games and we have 60% games. Here’s hoping we can get rid of the 60% games before tournament time.

We were shooting 77% in AAC games before Thursday nite

Oh, so we’ve been a better over our 9 conference games. Good. Heading in the right direction then.

We lost momentum when Guy V put us in the 4 Corner stall.

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Think of a bad free throw night like a spelling error. Unless it happens multiple times, it’s not anything to get worked up about. :slight_smile:

Agreed. 22 games is basically 2/3s of your schedule, certainly a large enough sample size. I’m really confused as to why so many of the posters on several of our boards are ignoring the season average, top 20% of the teams in the country

Less than 2 percent of the teams reach the final four, so I’d prefer our team be in the top 2 percent instead of the top 20, JMHO

So, the final four teams are the best FT shooters ?

I don’t think so !!!

Duke may very well be in the final four and are below the national average in FT shooting as a team !!



Maybe Ben’s the fan that emailed CKS suggesting they practice free throws

I did message a while back that maybe Calvin could be sought out to help with free throws. I realize not all of the “great” teams shoot 100 percent of their free throws, but they usually demolish other teams with their outstanding athletic ability and great shooting prowess. Just watched Duke and they could, against most teams, go 0 percent from the free throw line and still beat them. I do not, personally, believe we have the talent to match with teams like Duke. I might be wrong, but it will take a lot to convince me otherwise . . . . .

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Another ridiculous point. Take a look at the list of top FT shooting teams in the country. Why can’t you understand we shoot FTs well above average

I know you want to have a safety factor…

You sound like a friend of mine who is upset that we don’t shoot 100 % from the field and get ALL the rebounds !!!:sunglasses: