Mike Leach rants on the CFB Playoff

Good stuff


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Full 10 minute video:


His comment at the end of the video is all that needs to be said. An expanded playoff would make plenty of money, the issue is the cartel might have to share it.


He better hold his tongue, or the cartel is going to hold it for him.

BREAKING: Washington State hit with NCAA sanctions, 3-year probation, and lifetime “show cause” for Mike Leach.


I’ve always liked Mike. I think he’s in the perfect place for him. Pullman is obscure and isolated so anything he does with WSU football is gravy. I hope he wins the PAC-12.


He’s absolutely right.

The bluebloods don’t want it because it would make preseason polls meaningless and the preseason polls give the bluebloods a head start over everybody else; see Texas, Michigan, LSU, Florida St., Notre Dame.

It would level the playing field and the recruiting field and that’s the last thing they want.

It’s coming though.


Exactly, if you win your conference in the FCS you are in. They don’t say “wellllllll, you see, the Soutland Conference is far superior to the Patriot Conference so why should the Patriot Conference get anyone in? They are just going to get crushed by the number one seed. So unless you conference is a certain level your teams should not even be considered because they are not the best of the best. And who did they play anyway?”

No, each conference, regardless of might unless bestowed upon them by ESPN, gets a shot to win it all. THAT is how it’s supposed to work.

During the high times in the MWC there would have been a reasonable chance one of those teams sweep through the playoffs for a NC.

I love me some Leach.

It is worse than even that.

Let’s not forget that the Big10 Champion from last year DID NOT make it to the playoffs.

Payola baby !!

Johnny, not sure how it levels recruiting. The limit is still 25 per year. That number can slide when the SEC starts doing their grey shirt stuff. Just because G5 might get some more money does not mean better recruits, some kids still only want to play in a specific conference.

It would change recruiting patterns because all conferences have an equal path to glory.

I visited the espn.com website.
I visited foxpsorts.com website.
There is not one word about what Leach said. There is not even a video link from foxpsorts.com (they love posting videos)
The cfp is controlled by the cartel.
What channel broadcast the cfp?
You can be all sure that if WSU keeps winning the mightily ncaa will come down hard on them.
Some might like or hate Leach. At least it is very refreshing to hear/watch a P5 Coach express what so many of us think.


Seattle sports radio is getting pretty interesting these days. The two best teams in the Pac 12 are here in Washington, all the other teams are pretty terrible, and now both coaches are getting loud about how screwed up the system is. They especially love Leach’s press conferences now that they’re winning. Apple Cup is going to be incredible this year.


I’m so glad that he’s not our coach, but I’m so glad he’s back in college football and doing well.

I love Mike Leach so much. So much.


The only chance for UH and other schools on the outside to be taken seriously is to build a consistently ranked program and beat up on top ranked P5 schools every chance we get. Last year was the perfect storm with wins vs 2 top 5 teams but we didn’t have the depth to survive the 4 games in 19 days stretch. I think if we had been 12-0 and NOT invited to the CFP, a LOT of schools would have been on our side. 2019 MAY be another chance with games at OU and vs WS. I hope both schools are highly ranked when we play them!

It does not matter if the public were on our side. We still would not get in. And a year or two nobody remember…business as usual

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I understand your reasoning but will top P5 Teams schedule a U of H or other major G5’s? The answer is no. Why should they since their risk getting beat. There are four or five G5 Teams with a solid to great recruiting area. So there will always be potential to field a very competitive Team.
It is not about being taken seriously but more about a system that screams for an antitrust lawsuit.

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They’re running this now on XM channel 84 which is ESPNU.