Mike Lindell

Sounds like voter fraud.

Got to match what Biden did in 2020 if you want to beat him.

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Lindell is one of the stupidest people alive, It makes me sad to think there is more than 7 people alive who take him seriously. It is just astonishing how stupid you have to be to listen to him. Seriously how do you get to a place in your life where you are like….man that MyPillow guy is on point… if you are one of those people, please say you are an Aggy.


8 years of smoking crack will deteriorate the brain in incalculable ways. And one way it manifests is if you’re proud of it. 8 years= white matter gone.

MRI Scans Show The Horrific Effect Cocaine Abuse Can … - IFLScience MRI Scans Show The Horrific Effect Cocaine Abuse Can Have On Your Brain | IFLScience

Yeah, I’m all in on listening to and believing crack heads. In fact, I’ll buy a damn pillow from one and drink the oleander juice cure for COVID he’s pitching. Then I’ll be ready for “marshall” law.

I’ve watched his channel. Couldn’t be more lucid and rational.

The MAGA leaders have learned that if you say something, like lies, draped in a flag while holding a bible the MAGA sheep will lap it up and give you money to keep lying to them. This has become Trump and Lindell’s most profitable grift.


Certainly not his crappy pillows

“People would have been informed of all the truths too early, and they would have demanded that our Constitution be followed,” Lindell said. “But if that would have happened back then, we would have lost our country forever. It would have been too soon.”

So is he saying that the Constitution shouldn’t be followed?

Pass the pipe.