Mills transferring

I wish him the best. I hope he finds what he is looking for.


Transfer U!!

This stings.

Rudy didn’t redshirt!

What a gut punch man…

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That being said, we need to hit the portal hard for an impact guard next season.

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He will definitely have plenty of suitors. Has there ever been a conf preseason player of the year that transferred like this before?

not a preseason player of the year, but wvu preseason best player on what was suspposed to be a top 15 team also in the portal

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Not surprising but hard to swallow. Wonder if it has anything to do with him not starting the first game and basically being our sixth man.

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Didn’t him not playing in the first few games have more to do with his ankle? Is he even at 100%? I thought his ankle had to attribute to his limited playing time.

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It’s obvious he does not want to be here or be part of this team. He quit on his teammates and the team. Time to move on. No player is above the team.


I thought he was good to go the first game and hurt his ankles later?

I wonder what really happened

What are you basing that off?

He misses his new gf.

What is this based on? Please share

Told ya this was like King’s situation.

He just transfer during the season out of the blue.

this is an opportunity for Grimes…

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