Mills transferring

Grimes has been getting all the opportunity early on as a starter and minutes wise. Part of the reason Mills has transfer has been him coming off the bench.

I just looked it up. He was hurt before the season started. He didn’t play in the opener came off the bench in the Boise game.

Not really. I guess maybe with the timing he could get enrolled in his new school and maybe practice in this spring after the season or something, but this doesn’t change anything regarding his eligibility and if anything it’s probably going to be somewhat of a knock on his draft stock.

We’ll see where he transfers but it seems like he probably just wants to go home. If he transfers to USC or something and is on campus this spring practicing with and traveling with the team then I’ll retract this statement.

EDIT: Actually my bad. I thought the immediate transfer eligibility went into effect after the season. If Caleb is playing ball somewhere next week then it will be closer to King’s situation, though still not the same because of King effectively lying about it and sticking around the program for another few months, then leaving.

Are transfers eligible to play immediately this year

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Do y’all think we go after anyone after this?

He will be eligible in the fall if the NCAA approves one-time transfer rule for immediate eligibility.

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Wish nothing but the best for Caleb where ever he ends up


im more talking about the narrative…

before this transfer, we were good becuase we have “the best guard depth”, no one on our team really getting national hype…
this is a chance for the narrative to change …now if we are still elite, it is becuase grimes and sasser are elite players … our ceiling as a team might have dropped some, but the door for all-american/draft hype just widened for the players on our roster who want it

And now it is officially official

I just don’t get why transfer now when you’re playing for a good team in the midst of a great year.

Why not wait until the season to transfer and get a better idea where he could start and contribute.

There was something he was not happy about that’s for sure.


What are the chances we go after another guard or a big man after this?

wants to be close to home


theres a certain decommit who has been liking alot of UH posts recently


Oh very likely.

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We’ll see what happens. It may not be 100% that he is playing somewhere else this season and if he does and it’s close to home that could have been one of the big drivers.

But if this turns out to be just frustration with his role, CKS, or something like that, then I’ll agree it’s a pretty immature decision to just leave in the middle of the season and will be something he’ll have to explain if/when he’s trying to get to the league.

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Do tell more

Are you talking about that Thomas kid? I think that’s his name

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This makes it official. I’m moving on, I don’t want to waste time on a guy who bailed mid season. I don’t wish him ill, what he does just doesn’t matter to me now.


He could of left back home in 3 months after season was over. He’s made it this far already. He may be more hurt than what we know with his ankles and mentally drained with Covid, injury & school work.


Of course he could have. Leaving in the middle of the season is still a big deal. But the impact of COVID has been tough for a lot of people mental health wise and we don’t know everything else going on with him and his family.

This decision may also be somewhat of a strike against him by NBA front offices and especially overseas teams because it’s a bottom line business. But a lot of players supposedly struggled with mental health in the bubble. I think he’ll get a lot more of a pass and understanding if that’s really what this is about than if he’s just disgruntled.