I have not heard. Why is Mills not playing?

Question of the day?!!

I will go and ask. I am right behind the bench. Lol


Ankle injury.

Not serious just precautionary

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Sprain ankle, could have played… we chose to sit him out

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Didn’t need him rather have him for tech on Sunday

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Cks wanted to see what the freshmen could do so Mills had an “ankle injury.” I kid I kid.

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Apparently, tt also rested one of their top players!

Hope to have him for Boise. That have some real talent.
There will not be a weaker team on our schedule than Lamar

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Rice may be pretty bad since their talent left but I would still put rice over Lamar

Boise may be one of the most talented nonconference games we play. They not only have more size than us but they have multiple transfers with serious talent, two from Arizona and another from Oregon. This will be a tough test with so many new faces trying to figure out their roles. I’m just glad we got one game under our belt to help the team gel.

We have one of the best teams in the country… Period.


i’m glad we played the first game, the chemistry was evident in the second half, they started a bit slow offensively, looked a bit uncertain about roles…but that disappeared once sasses stepped up.
we will see if they can carry over from the second half yesterday to a fast start on friday

Agreed. It’s nice to have that game under your belt to work on chemistry with different lineups. It’ll be interesting moving forward seeing how Mark and Shead fit in with Mills on the floor. Shead seems like the perfect floor general to find a guy like Mills. And if Mark continues to hit that 3-point shot, look out. Having another 6’5 shooter that can also drive the lane, helps spread the floor even more for Mills, not to mention guys like Sasser, Grimes, and Tyson.

Isn’t it great to have that much talent on the team?


DeJon is the best passer we have this year !

Give Mark time and Shead is pretty good also. But I agree DeJon is the best now

The Orb would say…It is decidedly so.

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