Milos Uzan Offensive Highlights


This may be an odd statement, because his shooting percentages and volume were abysmal, buthe has the film of a natural shooter.
No offense, Shead had drastically better shooting stats; however, it was evident that shooting didn’t come as naturally to him. Most of his 3-pointers felt like he was shooting free throws. Shooting will likely never be Shead’s selling point, even though he can probably improve enough that it won’t be a weakness.

With Uzan, his stats are terrible, but his shot looks natural and improvable enough that he could be known as a shooter, almost Grimes-esque. Shooting was Grimes’s weakness initially, but he left with it as his strength. Uzan’s shot, in my opinion, needs just a few minor tweaks to become very good.

Again, this is pure optimism (could be bias, lol), but he is only a few minor changes away from being a threat.

  • He is coming in with 9 points (39% FG, 29% 3PT - terrible), 4.5 assists, 3.4 rebounds, and 1.2 steals. His shooting stats are terrible, and everything else is just passable.

Naturally, I think our system bumps him to at least 5 rebounds and 1.6 steals, being the only tall starting guard and intercepting passes in our traps. He will be more ball-dominant here than he was at OU, since we will not be running a 2 PG system like they did, so I am thinking 5.5 assists minimum.

Regarding offensive improvement:
If he becomes more physical as a driver, I think he can upgrade to around 12 points per game, and his 39% FG can improve to around 44%, as a lot of his missed layups will be converted to free throw attempts.

Then, tweaking his shot to get back to 38% from 3-point range (47% FG% with the added physicality numbers), I think we can probably get him to around 14 points per game. These two things aren’t major changes that need multi-year development.

  • We could optimistically see 14 points (47% FG, 38% 3PT), 5.5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 1.6 steals. If we get this out of him, that would be so huge for us.

He also shot fine in Hs and good his freshman year.

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I agree. He has a solid and consistent base but his release is too low. But I love his willingness to shoot when he has space in a pick and roll. That’s something Shead admitted was hard to do. He said it take a lot of confidence to just pull it in a pick and roll compared to high school

I know its highlights but this is a very encouraging video to watch. Shot looks good., his driving is smooth and he has great control of the game

I’m excited as anyone about his potential and fit.

Yet, 14ppg seems way high to me to remotely expect for him to average. I tend to think that 7 to 8 ppg would still be great on this Cougar team. And I think that way because we don’t need him to be the leading scorer (or even nearly that) imo. Also our depth will (hopefully) limit enough opportunities for him to average 14ppg.

Of course, I hope you are right. And he did look terrific in those highlights.

Sorry…my reply was intended to be to pesik.

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14pts was more on the high end and optimitic … with the assumptions that he fixed his shot and could get to the line more

but on the flip side if he is doing 7pt we are in deep trouble or one of the bench players has taken a huge jump offensively… we are deep in defensive players , not offensive players

if he is doing 7 anytime sharp or cryer sits on the bench it could get really ugly (our game 1 depth charth likely has mylik, ramon, tugler, lath and mcfarland as first of the bench )… we need imo atlest 10-11 from from him


You might be right. But my thinking is…

  • our depth at PG will possibly limit his minutes (more so than what we’ve seen recently from the PG position).
  • our (hoped/expected) increase in scoring at the other positions will mean we don’t need more than 7 or 8 ppg from him in the starting PG position.
  • I’ll be happy if he scores less as long as we are winning. And I think there is room for that.

And I hear you (now) clarifying that 14ppg would be on the high end. Still, that may make him the team’s leading scorer (or close to it). Didn’t our leading scorer avg 15.5ppg last year? And we’ve (on paper) added more depth in the scorers roles.

I guess I tend to think the opposite is possible… that 14ppg from him might be an indicator of lack of scoring from our expected scoring leaders.

Again, I hope for the best…and whatever adds up to balance and wins will be ideal.

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Who do you see taking a lot of his minutes at pg?

I think that’s the position where we have the least amount of depth.


oh okay, i get the biggest discrepancy in our point of views now… your stating this in that we keep the scoring total from last year…

in my optimitistic view of next years team, the offense is way better… we arent having the regular 6-8 game minute scoring droughts …that was my point in that if he is doing 7 we are likely back to having scoring droughts

i think cryer will lead us in scoring and sharp #2… i think both will be over 15pts… from an optimistic perspective
similar to the Baylor’s title run, hoping for scoring splits like that

10-11 would be good too, if we get jumps from jwan, arc and miller is ready to play

also sampson noted recently that he considered milos the only pg on roster…i dont think itll be possible to limit his minutes if he is good… if he is good he will be doing 30+ almost guaranteed …there is no one to push him, we have guards but no pgs… we will try to make some pg-less rosters with cryer and mylik at the one if he isnt good, but that’s probably what we dont want…

mylik is the closest thing, and in my ideal version of this team, he’s been pushed out of the rotation by the freshmen/maybe ramon…we have a lot of upside players, mylik isnt one of them, he is the “he is who he is” guy which is great defense and suspect offense

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I actually agree about the idea that says he really the only pg-by-mo that we have.

And I wish that was not the reality. But I’m in full agreement that it is the reality. And in fact, why I’m concerned of that shead type of load if the pg depth is lacking

So, I’m saying I hope we don’t have to grind him down with Shead-level minutes. However we can avoid a grind-down at the position (because of the lacking depth there…that is what I’m thinking. Maybe Wilson, Cryer or Jefferson can consume minutes as make-shift point guards without too much of a productivity price.

If MU is averaging 14ppg in 35 minutes per game, I think that will not necessarily be in our best interests to be healthy enough or deep enough to win the final 6 games. Having a hobbled team in march madness too many times recently has had a consequence (imo).

found this on youtube some posted a video of every offensive point uzan made last year… its long 35 mins… but for anyone interested


Man he is so skilled. Once we get that Sampsonism embedded in his brain we are cooking!

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One great thing about highlights is they never miss, make some great shots, dropping dimes like nothing to it, working over the passing lanes on defense and always finish on the break.

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Yeah, there has to be context. From highlights, he appears to be a deadly shooter with an unstoppable floater game. However, the obvious context is that his shooting stats from the 3-point and mid-range were poor. He needs to improve as a shooter. The fact that he takes so many floaters is a bad thing.

Shooting a 15-foot semi-open floater before reaching a rim protector might seem like a good idea, and sometimes it is. But often, the best option is to go all the way to the post and draw a foul, especially when you’re 6’4".

Consider the options: taking the long floater with a 50-50 miss/make chance, or driving all the way to the rim. If you drive, there’s a 30% chance you get a foul call and miss, a 20% chance it’s an and-one, another 20% chance you just make it with no call, a 25% chance you miss it, and a 5% chance you get an offensive foul. There are more favorable outcomes when attacking the rim, plus the added bonus of getting players in foul trouble.

almost exclusively taking the long no-contact floater leads to a terrible field goal percentage, as seen with his stats. When your drives are already low percentage, adding mid-ranges and 3s compounds the issue.

I like the fact that he doesn’t mind throwing that long left arm out to make space

I’m excited to see what he does with development from this staff. He has the size and raw talent to be really good.

Perhaps it would be good to have a contrasting lo-lite film.

What I see though from the hi-lites is a player who knows his strengths and he knows that power drives to the basket are not it. He does appear skilled at making shots in the lane and within 15’ … which is something this team hasn’t had much of. I’ll gladly take the skilled shot within 10’ versus forcing a power move to the basket that is not his strength. He also looked skilled at creating a shot up close when he was surrounded by defenders - even though it wasn’t a power move - more of skilled move to create an open shot. In the past what we’ve seen up close are more power moves with half-blind shots that have little chance to go in the basket.

We have Francis and Roberts and Tugler to get power rebounds and put the ball back up when he misses.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it … until it changes :wink:

Go Coogs!

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I’m not sure I get the comment that “we haven’t had a player like that”, LJ is also mostly floaters in the lane as well and he is drastically better at it than Uzan. It makes sense for Cryer as Cryer is smaller at the 2 and not that athletic.

Uzan is 6’4 at the PG, taller than most who will guard him. Also, I think you are missing the aspect that his shooting percentages were horrendous, and that is the reason most media in the nation have said they don’t think he is very good (he doesn’t make his floaters at a good percentage). I’m not sure that is “knowing your strength”, but settling for the worse but easier shot. Playing to your “strength” is taking advantage of your positional size.

It’s hard to tell with highlights but it’s blatantly obvious when you put the lowlights in as well. In the big 12 thread, a Cincy fan came in our convo and he mentioned that he thought Uzan was horrible and that he did nothing against UC. He was right in that statistically it was horrible

OU vs Cincy; Uzan’s stats 1st game: 1-10 (0-2 from 3), 2pts, 0 FTA, 4 turnovers and fouled out… 2nd game: 1-6 (0-1 from 3) 2pts, 0 FTA, 2 turnovers, 4 PF… these are horrendous stats

Remove the 3 threes he took, everything else was drives. Going 2-13 on drives is an abomination, getting 0 free-throws on 13 drives is crazy.

I decided to watch the film just to see. Remove makes/misses he didn’t play bad, you can tell he was just scared of Cincy’s shot blocker. he was getting to the rim easily, but kept settling for long floaters and just kept missing. Missed layups and blocked shot both count as misses, but one of them comes with a great chance at getting their big in foul trouble, and getting points at the Ft line.

With the team we have I like a guy who can get to the rim which he appears to be able to do. I think that can translate to getting the bigs some and shooters some great looks where they need them. I do think he is a very capable shooter we don’t need him to be a high volume shooter just one who can make a wide open look when the ball swings his way.