Minneapolis Hotels

I wonder if a lot of fans of teams in the Sweet 16 have pre-booked hotels for Final Four that can be canceled later. Also, I wonder as the games happen this weekend, and people cancel their hotels if the prices drop or not.

No way… that’s bad luck. I booked a room in New Orleans for our assured Sugar Bowl appearance before beating Southern Miss. We all know how that worked out.


I had a room booked in NOLA, never again.


Sumlin!!! Yes, I was waiting for game to end to order my tickets…I will never forget that!

I guess hotel room prices would be about the same even if you pre-book because they know they will be busy that weekend. Where as airfare is more likely to go up as it gets closer.

Minneapolis is a big city. There will be plenty of rooms available.

You could always stay in St. Paul!