Minnesota is legit

Dominating Penn State in the first half. PJ Fleck has them rowing the boat pretty quickly. Ohio State better be looking over their shoulder in the Big 10 championship game


I’m not so sure about that but I’d be smelling roses right now if I was a Minny fan

He has done a fantastic Coaching job so far. Right now and it is still a long season he is IMO Coach of the year.

Minnesota just completed a HUGE goal line stand

I wonder if these Minnesota fans are feeling like we did during the Peach Bowl

There has been a wait and see attitude that will evaporate after this game. Been happy with PJ, but this was the first real test this year.

And of course college gameday should have come here this week, but it’s hard for them to go away from what amounts to a home game for them

I like PJ. I like his energy.

If I were advising him, I would tell him that he can be a legend at Minnesota so don’t leave. Don’t be the next guy fired at (fill in the blank).

Don’t be a Tom Herman.


Very cool. Well done Golden Gophers.

Ohio State better watch out.

Didn’t he just sign a 7 year extension with the highest buyout in college football? I think he is settling in at MN for the long haul.

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Great game.

Contract extensions…are only worth the paper they are on. If someone rolls a brinks truck his way he will,listen. But yeah, dont be a Herman.

Difference is of course he is already in the big 10. He already hermaned central Michigan and even sued them for the rights to row the boat that CMU had copyrighted.

As for the contract, he is at almost 5 per year with a 10 million dollar buyout through the end of next year.

He has received a raise and extension twice already and has a top 10 team that plays in the Big 10. I would think the only fruit that would even be dangled would maybe be a Michigan. Not much else out there that would make sense. Florida State and usc he has no recruiting ties or any ties to. And Florida State would arguably be a step backwards. Arkansas or Tennessee are nowhere near his base.


Why would anyone in their right mind want to go from a city like Minneapolis to a place like Fayetteville. Anyone in the B1G can look at what happened when the Wisconsin coach went to Arky.

Western Michigan not Central Michigan


I was just naming ‘big time’ openings that someone might think is a step up.

I surely don’t think of Arkansas as a step up for any team in the B1G; it may be for a team like Ozark State, but not any P5 I can think of.

Media will spin it as an sec opportunity, same with Tennessee. I don’t agree, but espn has to sell ads.

Na. When they take down Ohio state then I will say they are legit. Just a good season like Wisconsin for a few seasons.

Minnesota has excellent skill position players, and if their defense can hold up OK against Iowa and Wisconsin they will at least be in the Rose Bowl, which would be an excellent result for them. Their coach is really top notch, too.

Minnesota moved up to number 7. Wow.

They will be in the playoffs if they win out.

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