Minor League Exposé (ESPN)

Kudos to the Astros

I never knew these guys had to live like this.

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Hats off to the MLB players who contributed too, you’d think more would, knowing what the MiLB players have to deal with. Housing being the main issue, it wouldn’t put a dent in the wallets of some of these 7-8 figure income MLB players to pool their money and build 20-30 unit efficiency apartments near MiLB ballparks. It’s amazing how quickly people who were once poor forget what it’s like once they strike it rich.


Yes. I’m a bit disappointed there too.

With billions circulating in professional baseball there’s no reason a couple of thousand employees have to live like animals.

You’ve pretty much described most people, especially Americans.


I agree. Its shameful. I would hope that, given the same opportunity, I would be generous like that handful of players were.

Alot of americans at the lower end of the pay scale live line this. Whaaaaaa! You can quit and get a real job

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How long have you known about this miracle cure for poverty and why have you been keeping it a secret from “Alot of americans at the lower end of the pay scale”?

Its not to hard just follow the stream of people from Haiti and southamerica and they will show you the way

Education is the key. Maybe on the way,(comma) you can find someone from South America who can teach a lot of Americans spelling and punctuation.(period) Like,(comma) it’s not too hard.(period)

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Yes, education is they key. That’s why we have millions of Americans with a high school education, if that, who know more about science and health/medicine than the professionals in those respective fields (except for the quacks they enlist to fit their agenda(s)). “I know more about technology than anyone else.”


Unfortunately, a high school diploma doesn’t always mean a high school education.


Financial education/responsibility is also key too! There are many who spend their way to/under the poverty line.

True. The the first player mentioned in the ESPN story got a $400K signing bonus. Even after taxes & agents fees, that’s enough to last 10 years easily. That’s much longer than the typical MiLB career.

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