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That would take care of 2 situations. Extra outfielder n 1B.

Oakland As - Frankie Montas – SP, Lou Trivino - Closer, rumored to be going to Yankees

I believe that Siri will hit in the future and make us regret trading him.

We’re fine w/o Siri. The fact of the matter is that the Astros are lineup loaded for years to come. Likely Siri would have wasted away in the minors so at least the team gets value for him plus it gives Siri a chance to play for another team.

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I thk McCormick or Myers goes tomorrow. Don’t need both. Both platoon players. You also have Dubon who can play infield or outfield.

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UH related, Gasser was part of the Hader trade. He is headed to the Brewers.

PBR—— just curious why you think that way?

I think he is your typical AAAA guy……

I’m kind of a worry wart. Different times over many years we have given up on players too soon or traded them and they went on to fine careers. Such as Jerry Grote, Mike Cuellar, Rudy Staub, J D Martinez. A few years back, they considered trading Kyle Tucker, but backed off, which I am very happy about. I don’t know, just an itchy spot in my gut on Siri. Probably wrong, but it won’t surprise me at all if he breaks out soon. Maybe a change of scenery will be good for him. Looks like he is going to get a good chance to see what he can do. Defensively he is elite. We’ll see what happens with the other side of the ball.

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Soto AND Bell to the Padres?

Whoa! Chips all pushed to the middle of the table.

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You have to give the Padres credit.

They gave up 4 former first round picks and a former 2nd rounder and a nice lotto ticket.

Two of those guys are future All-Stars IMHO, maybe three.

And get this Hosmer has to waive his no trade which he likely will for some extra $$$….the Nats only pay his remaining salary for this year……The Padres will be the leftover 39M over three years….so after this season the Nats get Hosmer three more years for free.

Just printing money in San Diego I guess….especially after the massive extension Soto will get……the Padres are going to be so screwed if these guys get injured, suck, or when their prime is done……it will not end well.

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And yet with all that talent they will still just be a wild card year in year out.

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Maybe. Still good for us to have them making noise in the West and trying to compete with the Dodgers.

Best thing that happened to the Padres was the Chargers getting moved. They’re now the lone draw in a major city. They’ve gone from like middle/bottom of the league in attendance to T-5 last two seasons.

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What if the city of San Diego did what it has never done? Win a championship.

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Its been a long time.
sd 1963


Deadline is about to hit, looks like we’re staying put.

Strange move by the Yanks. Trade a starter for a hurt defensive CF without a clear replacement. They add Montas but Severino goes on the 60 day IL.
Montgomery was 3 and 3 w 3.69 era in 114 innings.

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