Mobile Season Ticket Question

Just received my email to download and store my Season Tickets in my Apple Wallet. Read the instructions. Seems simple enough, but I do have a question.

I have 2 tickets. One for me. One for my wife.
Do I need to transfer my wife’s ticket to her, or just screen shot it and text it to her. The instructions didn’t seem to address when two people entering the stadium at the same time.

Just trying to figure out what’s going to get us through the gate and into our seats in the most expedient manner.

Do you and your wife drive to the game separately?

Not usually, but we do sometimes get separated during tailgating.

Which one is chasing Tail. :thinking:
Ok I’m leaving. :grin:


Hahaha! . . . well it didn’t take long for this discussion to go sideways!


Ah…ok. I don’t believe screenshot works from what I’ve heard in the past, so you’ll have to transfer her ticket to her email or phone number. She will have to create an account in order to accept your transfer.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:. Good Sport abt it. You never know on here.

Easiest way is to go to your account and initiate the transfer from there.
Transfer button is on the right hand side.

U can text a picture of it that’s the easiest

I’ve always screen-shot tix in the past and texted it to others with never a problem. Has that changed this year?

If you enter TDECU together you can have your wife’s ticket on your phone with yours, no need to transfer to her phone.


I see there are three passes for season tickets and another for the Texas game plus one for the parking garage. I like this new system where you don’t have to put in each game separately.


I just completed downloading the tickets/parking pass, and I really don’t see any reason why I can’t just screen shot her ticket and text it to her. I think at the first game we’ll try getting her in with a screenshot ticket, but we’ll be together just in case that doesn’t work.

It is, after all, just a QR code and I don’t see anything animated on the screen. . . which is what someone told me they do. That is. . . there can be a moving dot on the screen that the gate attendant is suppose to look for, but if they aren’t looking, and scan the QR code, it will accept the scan and let you in. (assuming the code has not been scanned already).

Not really a big deal. Was just trying to figure out if we always have to enter together. Setting up a separate account so I can transfer to her is way too much trouble.

It’s not just a screen shot, the pass automatically changes for each game. If you just take a screen shot, it won’t update.

Is that new? I know I have sent tickets in the past by screenshots.

Last year I just transferred tickets.

Yes, it is new this season. If you want to transfer tickets, you can still do it on line from the ticket site under your account then my tickets then transfer.

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I have blue lot parking. Most games I will be riding the rail. DM if you need an extra parking pass.

I bet screen shots will work this year, even if they are doing it a little bit different where the tickets automatically update in your wallet for each game.z

You would think there would be a UH Athletics app similar to at the ball park

Ah…ok. I might be thinking of another sport where screenshots didn’t work.