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It is hard not to mention the special feeling U of H is bringing to Houston. With several people having to pull out our old Clutch City hats in the 4th quarter of Thursday’s game,…

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Waco74, who are you? How old are you?

When you take the quotes from CTH out of context, like you did, you’re giving a one sided story.

(This is going off of memory, so I’ll probably miss some things.) At one point Coach was questioning John’s methods and said “…it didn’t pass the smell test…”. Nick responded in a very condescending tone, “What does that even mean?” To which coach replied “How old are you?”

Coach was less than professional in the interview, but I’ve been much less professional at inopportune times. Coach hasn’t brought it back up. 610 seems hell bent on squeezing everything it can out of this.

I don’t not listen to 610 because of their beef with Herman, although it doesn’t really help. The real reason I don’t listen is that I can’t listen to a show that is 20% Texans talk, 30% high school locker room talk, 10% John Lopez laughing at a statement that wasn’t intended to be funny, and 15% John Lopez laughing at something he said and thought was funny, and 25% John Lopez laughing at…well…I have no clue…

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We know Waco is a troll because he tries to make Nick and Lopez sound like they were being honest when they wouldn’t even admit they ran a bad story. Second, [quote=“waco74, post:1, topic:3208”]
and what a time to do that when the Cougs are looking like a shoe in for the playoffs, and the Texans looking like they can make a deep run finally in the playoffs.
He misspelled Coogs. Not a Coog fan.


Just a Coog
Repeating an article from Yahoo Sports

Well past time to move on

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Lopez basically called Herman a liar regarding his dealings with a recruit. Of course Herman came out strong in his own defense. OF COURSE. Why on earth would that be ‘unprofessional’ on his part?

What is unprofessional is someone from the media, talk media no less, who’s entire job is built around words not understanding the meaning of them. “Talk to” does not equal “meet with”. Its pretty simple and that is all Herman was tyring to get Lopez to admit. Lopez for whatever reason refused and still refused to this day even though all parties involved had agreed on the facts. All parties including Lopez.

That’s right. Lopez concedes that Herman did not have Allen on campus for a face to face meeting with him and his assistants. Yet, Lopez maintains he’s right since coach talked to him over the phone. All coach wanted was for him to correct the record yet Lopez sees no need and still jokes about it on the air as if he was 100% in the right. Eff that guy and Nick, I’ll defend my co-worker by acting like a jackass, Wright.

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Get back to work Nick!

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If you don’t know by now, Waco, some workers at 610 have an agenda against UH. it’s time for you to stop listening to anything from that station.



Lopez decided he wanted to die on a hill… a meaningless one.

Nick decided he thought it was noble to die with his coworker even though he seemed to recognize Lopez’s case wasn’t strong.

Herman lost his cool over Nick chiming in and being an overall db which is his method of operation.

Herman left with the first blemish on his otherwise solid reputation of being tactical and sharp.

John and Nick left with a stink about their show being less about journalism and more about tabloid entertainment (refer to Nick claiming he could switch hats between entertainer and journalist… not a thing).

Whatever reputation John had among journalists has diminished significantly (see John, Nick, Joseph Duarte, Berman and more all getting into it on twitter).

Other 610 shows tried to distance themselves from the morning show (see the triple threat having a “but we’re still cool, right?” interview with Herman soon after).

Nick Wright leaves 610 for a bigger stage of douchebaggery with Colin Cowherd. Notice this confirms he is not a journalist, but a controversy creator. The tabloid editorial sect of sports news if you will.

Sporadic 610 media continued to push the Herman leaving subject and it all came to a head when one of the 610 guys tweeted an article about what schools herman WILL leave for while tagging Tom Herman and using his recruiting hashtag “#htowntakeover” in the tweet. Whether they are willing to recognize it or not, that is absolutely a direct shot at UH recruiting efforts and CTH’s credibility as the UH coach.

Herman ended his relationship with 610 entirely.

610’s afternoon producer resorts to name calling in a tweet (something about CTH being a petulant child and a “b”).

Bridges burned until 610 apologizes completely, which will never happen.

610 goes on a relative UH news freeze as evidenced by their nearly complete lack of UH interest on Twitter compared to other stations ( I’ve stopped listening to their shows, so I couldn’t tell you what that looks like). Pendergast is on an island as he seems to be the only one recognizing the value of a UH and CTH relationship.

In summary, 610 decided they could be disrespectfully aggressive with CTH, because college ball is just a part of Houston sports and historically stations could get away with this, because we didn’t pull a lot of weight. CTH decided he could be aggressive with 610 because they are just a part of the many media outlets in Houston and he knows UH football is becoming a commodity.

You are making a mistake giving Nick or John credit because all they wanted to do was create controversy integrity be damned. I get that Houston radio can be thin some hours. Personally, I cannot stomach the Charlie Pallilo formula of sports trivia plus Charlie hyperbole followed by Charlie reasoning against his own hyperbole with intermittent mention of how Houston is not a baseball town. That is why we have podcasts, iheartradio, and many many other ways to get entertainment while in the car.


Having not lived in Houston for 20 years now, isn’t there another station to catch sports talk. I listened to 610 when I lived there but there was another station too. Is CTH going to that station to promote UH?

790 and 950 are the “homes” of the Cougars. 790 is the sports channel and Herman does a weekly show with them.

I wish this would just die…I’m over seeing it as a topic…

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Sadly, Nick didn’t get run out of town; he actually got a better job with FS1 out in LA. Every once in awhile I’ll run across an ad for him him during a search I do.

Nick is all about the ratings and moving up; said that when we he left KC to come to Houston (Did way too much reading about him after the Ware incident). He saw an opportunity to create controversy when Coach called in (and Andre Ware before him) as a way to hopefully drive ratings. That’s Nick’s M.O. And a lot of SportsTalk radio’s M.O. as that seems to be what most listeners want.

Sean Pendergast still writes about the Coogs for the Press, but no idea if he talks about them on 610. Seth Payne is usually favorable about the Coogs on Twitter, but, again, no idea what he’s like on 610. My guess is that 610 mandates they talk Texans since they are the “home” of the Texans. They pay the big bucks so that isn’t surprising.

Exactly - “presstitutes”!

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