More Politicizing the DOJ

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He’s insane.

MAGA loves him.

If the country re-elects him, after he tried to overthrow the election, then we are truly screwed.


This is scary stuff. This guy cares nothing about democracy or freedom. He only cares about himself.


Lol at the “racist in reverse” line.

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If “racist in reverse” (reverse? :face_with_monocle:) isn’t a self own, I don’t know what is. :rofl:


Kind of off topic but kind of not, there’s almost nothing wrong in this country that a mere 10-20% increase in voter turnout can’t fix.

FWIW, I just did a Google search of voter turnout by party. I was convinced Democrats were the culprits but it turns out the turnout is roughly the same for Ds as it is for Rs. The culprits are young people and independents.

Also, the group with the highest turnout and rising are women, which is not surprising, at all! (See guns and reproductive rights)

Mamas are pissed. When mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.

Coming to that conclusion requires self reflection.

And millennials appear to be bucking the trend of getting more conservative over time. I bet the same will be true for Gen Z.

Edit - non paywalled article

It directly taps into his base.

Every mama I know are pro-life.

I’m just saying that looking at things like the recent elections and polls where reproductive rights are in question, in red states, mamas sure don’t seem to like having government control their private parts. Turnout jumped significantly and women were the biggest demographic responsible for that
a) turnout
b) outcome

That, my friend, is undeniable.

“Millennials and Generation Z are going to save the world,’ one Twitter user writes”

I didn’t get the invite. But consider it done. Didn’t have to get my suit cleaned.

EDIT: I am out of touch. Thought it said Gen X.

Too late. These guys already did it.

Nothing like it.

Cool, but the problem is is that they don’t vote consistently and throughout the cycle…