More Track Meets

Some people might call today’s men’s basketball win a track meet and that’s cool. If want some real track and field, here are some upcoming invitationals at the campus. Not sure if they are allowing fans. Go Coogs!!!

March 18 - Houston Spring Break Invitational
April 3 - Houston Alumni Invitational
May 7 - Tom Tellez Invitational


I tried watching the Facebook stream. Unwatchable. Stream kept freezing and hesitating and not just for me. And, camera for running events is in a horrible spot for the 100 and 100h and 110h. Could only see part of the finish line and angle was atrocious. Hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon.

Yeah I gave up quickly too. Could have dealt with one of the issues, not both.

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Barely allowing some teams in also

Didn’t think the meet today needed its own thread, but if anybody wants to watch some Coogs before the game later then here are the details.

So much going on! Coog in first place at women’s amateur at the Masters! Track, b
bb, softball, etc. What a great weekend to be a Coog!

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Meet at LSU tomorrow. They start it with the 4x100 right out the gate! That will be one to watch at 1:35, it will really piss LSU off if we beat them on their home track. Looks like we are bringing the whole team so hopefully guys get some good times put up.


Last meet before conference championships. The men’s 100m should be a good one to watch as Burrell, Burke, and Hall are back to run and up against Shaun and Collins.

New top times for guys, looks like we are peaking at the right time!

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I need a remedial course in reading comprehension. I thought the meet was tomorrow. :confused:. Thanks for the updates!

Live on FB now. I missed the 100. Poor camera work as usual and currently no audio.