Most Important Team Statistic

UH is 88th

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Curious if that is an anomaly or if that holds up going forward (and looking back).

lol with Coach MD, I can tell you this foreshadows what will happen to us going forward. Our defensive coach will most like be fired by end of year unless he does phenomenal in the last stretch of the games.

“successfully, efficiently defending the pass is the most foolproof way to winning games.”

“The top 20 teams in defensive pass efficiency are a combined 79-13.”
“Top 10: 42-5”
“Top 5: 19-0”

“more important that turnover margin”

Last night’s 13 of 31 passing performance (defensive efficiency) was much improved.

I find this article interesting because I would have said “turnovers” or “turnover margin” before reading. Most people would agree with that conclusion, it’s probably second.

Interesting that the things most likely to determine victory are on the defense and yet so much time/emphasis is spent on the offense. I guess at the end of the day, you still have to score more points than the other team (that’s the only real stat that 100% determines victory.)

CMD defense efficiency last year was something like #24…ESPN…which is adjusted for SOS and garbage time. The TT debacle is 20% of the current rating…1 of 5 games.
Again he is playing much more man coverage as everyone wanted…I really believe that if he played more zone vs TT the score wouldn’t have been close to 63.

You are what your record says you are.

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Is this the only way to win? Of course not. The top 20
teams in scoring are a combined 76-18. The 24 teams that average at least a plus-1.0 turnover margin are a collective 82-25.

^^^^^^^^ This was at end of article

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I think there are a few metrics that combined can indicate how good of a team you really are. Passing efficiency, turnover margin… 3rd down conversion (both offensive and defensive) is a big one that hasn’t been mentioned yet. PPG allowed vs PPG scored.

The next question is what are the worst stats to look at? I would say yards gained/allowed and total offense/defense. Any others?

Important ones…RZ offense and defense
Penalties too
Yards per Play is much better than total yards imo

How about scoring 1 more point than you.

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Bingo. The most important stat, Won/Loss