Move to the Big 12

Big announcement made today! UH moves to the Big 12 in Fall of 2023. Only one more baseball season in the American.

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Official date of joining Big 12 is July 1, 2023. And look at the revenue that will come in: Big 12 expansion: Houston Cougars to join in 2023, agree to AAC fee

This is good stuff!!

We’d better upgrade our talent…FAST!!!


Correct we are going to be an embarrassment in baseball , but should shine in basketball and hopefully football


Question. Does baseball have a transfer portal?

If so, we may need to sign a lot of top transfers.

We need a FAST upgrade!

“ Does baseball have a transfer portal?”

Yes, a 1/3 of the team from this year is in it.



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As much as I hate to admit it… If we HAD to be cellar dwellers in one of the big 3 sports going into the Big 12… This is the sport.


Baseball does have a transfer portal and it is hopping. Mississippi State has 13 players in the portal right now. Tommy White is in the portal. Vanderbilt RHP Christian Little entered the portal today. A stud BYU pitcher who pumps 95-96 is in the portal. Purdue’s ace entered the portal the other day. Most programs have 6-8 kids in the portal.

Times are changing. Programs will raid the portal as well as recruit HS kids now.

Anyone got a million or so to give Tommy White?

He would double the team HR output on his own.


The portal gets a bad rap, but it’s also misunderstood. Some people think the portal is full of whiny brat kids who don’t want to sit a year or two and develop before they play and want to play right now and are “entitled”. Some think having several kids in the portal is an indictment on the coaching staff — “everyone’s leaving because the coaches suck.”

In reality there are lots of reasons kids enter the portal. It’s a catch all. Some don’t like the school. Maybe they are homesick. Or struggle academically. Or the finances are getting tougher. Others don’t gel with their coaches. Some are entitled and want to play NOW and realize the kid in front of them is better. Some get hurt. Some don’t perform as expected and are told by the coaches not to come back, etc. Sometimes the culture is bad and players vacate the program for that reason.

So, lots of reasons. Not always because the kid is a whiny brat or the coach sucks, etc.


Reports are that Tommy Tanks is homesick. He’s from Florida and expected to got to either Florida or Florida State. I’m guessing some serious NIL money heading his way from the Sunshine State!

Reports are that Oprah has entered the Portal. Your in the portal, your in the portal, your …

All I ask is for improved concession stands before we go into the Big12. We may very well have the worst baseball facility going in to the big12.

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Joe is still nursing root bears he bought a month ago.

I saw the tweet showing the vid of TW talking about going into the B12, so it is clear that he’s staying that long.
Oh the impending agony!! :tired_face:

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I’ve come to the conclusion that both Pez and TW are fully convinced we did a fine job this year.

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