Mr. Dusty Hill has passed away

I was just informed by a friend of mine that ZZTOP Dusty Hill is now in heaven.
I had the real treat, pleasure to meet ZZTOP. I saw Dusty a few times when I was still living in Houston. He was a super guy, very genuine and generous. My sincere condolences to Billy and Frank.
R.I.P. Dusty


My first concert was ZZ TOP and The Rolling Stones. RIP to a true TX Legend!

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We were going to Vegas to see them in October. RIP Dusty.

Used to have a house on #2 Eldorado in Quail Valley. Had it’s own studio in it

1981 Astrodome.

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The ZZTOP website has it as if “The show must go on” when you look at their tour dates one thing comes to my mind. Give some love to our fans. ZZTOP has been touring non stop since the 70’s. This in itself is truly remarkable. Love or hate him Willy Nelson is the same type of “Grinder entertainer” for the fans love.

Show business is marketing. Playing non stop is because you love it…Its priceless.

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