Mrs.Herman gets on the rumors


This made me chuckle.

The reason I am single is Mrs. Herman has set an unreachable standard for the title of wife.


That made me smile. She is hilarious.

She’s awesome!!

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Thought it was odd that she would drag up the past like that but when I actually clicked the link, I saw that it was in the response to this:

An ole saying apropos to this …

You can’t stop the birds from flying over your head … BUT … you CAN keep them from building a nest in your head.

Mrs. Herman with some humor has just stopped some twigs from turning into an …


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Mrs. Herman has my support and approval :slight_smile:

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At least we know coach Herman won’t be voting for Trump. Must be a democrat. Coach Herman has excellent taste. He is a winner on the field and off. Glad he is UH’s football coach.

JLo is trolling because he needs more listeners for his dying radio show. He got demoted to the afternoon radio slot. Bad publicity is good publicity for this propaganda made Aggie. lol.

Best line of a bachelor ever…EVER!

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I’d guess the reason you’re single has less to do with your “standards” and more to do with the ladies’ standards.

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