My conversation w/ Galen Robinson Jr: "There's nobody that reps Houston harder than me"

We discuss Galen’s influences in his life and basketball career; his time at Westbury Christian School; being recruited by UH head coach Kelvin Sampson; choosing UH for his college career and maturing and becoming a man while at UH; the team’s success while he was there as well as after he graduated; helping UH become national relevant; his pro career; and his apparel clothing business.

Fabian White told Galen the reason he picked UH was because of Galen.

Galen keeps in touch with the UH program. He discusses his emotions when the Rockets signed Armoni Brooks.

Plus, Galen gives his thoughts on Sunshine and ABC’s “Bachelorette”.


Thanks, Kris. Great piece! Appreciate your work.


Another great interview. Thanks Kris


It’s funny that Galen and Armoni are such great buddies. Galen has the elite ball handling skills that Armoni lacks and Armoni has the elite shooting skills that Galen lacks. I guess they are a perfect match for each other since together they complement each other perfectly as teammates.

This was such a great convo. Thanks KG!


Good job. Thank you sir !

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Well done!


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