My Experience with Covid

I know, touchy subject. Just want to describe my experience.

3 weeks ago I developed a cough that I thought was related to allergies. Never got better, never got worse. Last Monday I felt like I was developing arthritis as joints and muscles just ached. Friday I thought it was an URI which I expected from a persistent cough. Fever up to 102. Wife tested me for covid on Sat and was positive. Pulled out the zinc and hydroxycoliquin. Starting to improve today.

One thing I experienced was a persistent fatigue. Fortunately no loss of taste or smell.

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My first Covid was rough. It was right before and during the freeze/snow last year. Had a light fever at night. Told myself it was not Covid. Woke up the next day and called out since my fever was still high (101) but I swore it wasn’t Covid. Woke up around 10 and ate a popsicle. Could not taste it. Tried another one. Could not taste it. Went to my work (school district had a testing center) and tested positive. Fever moved to about 102.5 for the next 2 days solid. Then my leg bones hurt. Then the hip joints and shoulders. Fever broke on day 4 and I started to eject everything from both ends for that Saturday and Sunday. It was wonderful. Then as soon as that stopped I got the cough. Bad cough for 3 straight days. Like almost rib breaking cough. The entire time regardless of the symptom I got up every hour during the day and walked around the block. Just to get moving.

The doctor said take mucinex and prescribed an inhaler. That was it.

The next time I got it was over Christmas break. I ignored it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Prayers made.

Get well soon!

I had it at the beginning of 2021 and had very mild symptoms, but my lungs took a beating. It took a year before I could do strenuous activity without being seriously out of breath. I saw that coming though, I’ve always had more severe issues with colds once they move into my chest than other people.

My wife had it at the same time and lost her sense of taste for a good 3 months and there are still certain things that taste differently to her now than before.

Glad you are getting well!

I’ve seen Coach V drink, I’m surprised his blood alcohol didn’t prevent him from catching covid.

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My daughter caught covid a couple of weeks ago. She lives at the Quad on campus and they wanted to quarantine her at a Bayou Oaks. She said no thanks and came home. We had her quarantined in her bedroom for 10 days. Felt like a bad cold to her with stopped up sinuses but no significant pain or fever. We’re all triple vaxed. She’s back on campus as of last Friday after a negative test.

Hope you feel better soon.

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And your vaccinated right?

I have also had a booster and had Covid. Not sure but maybe the shots kept me from having it so severe.
Going on a cruise Saturday so I have to do a rapid Covid test Thursday.
No symptoms so should be good to go.
Still at my age you never know.

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Got COVID after getting vaxxed and boosted. Maybe it was the vaccine and booster, but I’ve had hangovers worse. My son and I tested positive I had a sore throat and that was it.

I’m like a dog in the pound. Had all my shots


First COVID i was adamant it was a common cold. I know i got it from a function for a hospital at the Houston museum of natural science. As soon as I got the test because my girlfriend told me she was (very slight line almost invisible on the home kit) from PCR. I got worse and it had me bed bound for a week and wouldn’t clear me. Also lucky my taste and smell were intact i think the worst thing was the headache and the congestion for me.

Got the booster 2 weeks later

No he is not he has been ignoring every single guidelines by Dr. not the Dr. Fauci.
Give us break already with this non sense. I had all of my vaccines, got tested multiple times and got covid. You know what I did cougardue when I got covid?
I took flonaise. I have seasonal allergies. Within 24 hours my temperature went from 102 to normal.
Anybody that has allergies and get covid? Try freaking flonaise.
You know how I found out cougarfauci?
Ten people recommended it to me. All have seasonal allergies.
My brother has had four injections…and he got covid.
Remember about all the networks going after the people’s choice?
He is giving covid to the entire world.

Last weekk there was a super spreader event in the exact same place.
Networks reaction?

Not exactly true; can you admit it ?

And many more …

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Some still don’t (want to) understand vaccines.

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Yes, it was covered.

That said, comparing a super spreader event in May 2022 to one in 2020 (pre-vaccines) is laughable.

True, and the fact the current variant in circulation seems to be much less virulent. But can’t let facts
get in way of stopping another media conspiracy theory.


I have no idea what you are responding too. And you spelled Crickets with a K, comrade


I got covid twice. Didn’t even make me wheeze. I was mowing the yard, trimming the hedges. Hitting golf balls into the net. The flu was ten times worse. But maybe I’m like Spiderman. Bigger…stronger…faster. I’m the six-million dollar Coog. Should have approached Puritan’s Pride for an NIL deal on their vitamin c.

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