My New, Relaxed Attitude Going Forward

Like everyone else I was on the 2022 hype train. Best team in Texas, AAC champ, NY6 Bowl game, etc.

We could be 5-1 right now. We are not. We are 3-3.

“You are what your record says you are”.

Injuries, especially McKaskill, really hurt. And we have obvious talent deficiencies at many positions. Even after 4 years the deficiencies are there.

I now expect…not much. I do think we can have a winning season and Bowl Game. Fine. I’ll take it.

Have already transitioned to The Big 12. I watch their games each week and watch virtually no AAC games. I watch Big 12 personnell and try to compare their players to ours. We have some quality for 2023 but, honestly, have a ways to go. Especially Linemen. Compare ours to what you saw when we played Tech and Kansas.

And, of course, it is far easier to chill about Football when I know what is in front of us, starting in November. Yea, that Cougar program.

Dana is going nowhere so will not waste time on his criticisms.

I do believe that all our Freshmen can play in our 4 November games without killing their redshirt status, Or at least 3 of them plus the Bowl Game. We can see Pancake, et al.

Am really pulling for our Staff regarding Recruiting. If they sign enough studs then we can compete in The Big 12.


The Dude abides. :sunglasses:


I haven’t had one of those relaxed years since the King “redshirt”. Once that happened I just wanted to see some of the young guys show promise.

I’ve been watching more Big 12 as well. My thought,…so much speed.

It’s okay to be a dreamer. May as well be happy until you aren’t instead of starting off unhappy. If you’re doing it without a weekly delivery from Prime Leaf, kudos.

Basketball starts soon……enjoy it BETWEEN football and baseball….


I may go on the “relaxed attitude” too! I will save a lot on airline tickets, game tickets, rental cars, hotels, restaurants, etc.

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Dana, is that you?




If the reports are anywhere close to being right the new media deal could be worth around 60 million. I doubt it, but I can dream. A lot can change in a short time that that amount of revenue. Life for the Coogs will be better than it has ever been.
Life is good.
Co Coogs


I am not relaxed because I don’t want us to be the worst team in the new Big 12, which right now we are.

Conference realignment is never ending. If we suck in the new Big 12 we will end up right where we ended up after the SWC.

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It’s all about basketball season at this point. UH football has been a big disappointment for me. Yes, they’ve had injuries but that’s part of the game. I think they’ll struggle to get 4 wins next year. Hopefully, Dana can find a legit QB and let him play a little bit. I feel like Tune is being held back by poor coaching and offensive strategy.

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No. Tune is being held back by Tune.

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We can still win the AAC…

AAC Championship or Bust!

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We could be 5-1? We could also be 0-6 and everything in between

We still have a chance for the conference, but I still don’t know what this team really is.

We can agree to disagree.



Nice… Punch it in!

So far am pretty relaxed!

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What does that mean?