My reponse to Comical column by Creech

Your column in Sunday’s paper is an exercise in redundancy and reflects more the Chronicle’s negative attitude toward UH athletics than a legitimate opinion. Actually it reads more like harpism than journalism. Nothing new, but Jenny Creech makes sure it gets repeated (ad infinitum I predict). Like a true harpy (or Longhorn), you weren’t content to let the university have their official say in the matter, oh no, you needed to make sure you weaseled your way into the dialogue with your self-rightious indignation. Well, good for you, Jenny Creech, your sports commentary continues to be irrelevant. .


Let it go man lol

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i agree, Stealth…and the Chron are now nothing but whiny whorn and aggie apologists…

She is a columnist. It was commentary. She has an opinion.

Many good coogs who want the best for UH agree with her.

Some of us don’t follow our leaders into the abyss.


She’s been consistently critical of Briles and other ex-Baylor coaches for the past year or two. Her commentary isn’t surprising, nor is it indicative of a vendetta against Houston. She would have written the same piece if Briles had gone to any other school in the state of Texas.


That can’t be true… They would not feed our conspiracy if the chronicle being run longhorns/Aggie illuminatti. Or allow us to go off the rails screeching about whatever nonsense was included in the response.

Full disclosure, I love this as a football hire. Time will tell if we gave a good guy from a bad situation a chance to get back to the top, or if we sold our collective soul to win more games.

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I don’t agree with her opinion completely but her arguments are not at all irrational. Many people feel the same way as her and don’t have a specific agenda. People have the right to state their opinion and as many have said she’s a columnist. I don’t understand why so many people get butt hurt over an opinion that’s not completely irrational.


Wasn’t she the columnist that also chastised CTH for his immaturity mocking the Mizzou QB at the end of the Texas Bowl? #NotMENSA

And, from what I am gathering from the media these days, taking the time to send messages to management with negative feedback may actually encourage them to do more. It’s all about clicks and getting attention – positive or negative.