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The rose bowl needs to be put out to pasture. The future of college football is the playoff. And that’s with or without the rose bowl.

I hate the Rose Bowl. Barely ever watched it at its peak. Good riddance. Now turn the stadium into a tire storage facility or a place to park used rental cars

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I agree, and go down the street and play at Sofi stadium.

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Bowl games used to be a reward for a great season, such as finishing 1st in your conference or having a really good season

Now there are so many they are played in stadiums made for Major League Baseball or even in a foreign country.

Now, a team like Rice can make a bowl with an overall losing record because there aren’t enough teams that finished 6-6 to fill them all up.

They used to be prestigious and rewarding, now, except for a few, they are just a game with a trophy.


I’ve watched games at the Rose Bowl. It is a truly great experience and a nice trip from hotel to Stadium no matter where you are. I can still remember 2006 with Vince Young. Again a great venue. Give it some time, it’s not dead.

It is not dead at all. The cfp will have a playoff and you can bet the Rose Bowl will be part of it.

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I loved watching the Rose Bowl games of the past. It’s different now for sure, but that stadium is classic and I thoroughly enjoyed being there when I’ve gone.

Can’t wait for the Coogs to have their best season in history and get rewarded by being unceremoniously dismissed from the playoffs in Ann Arbor in December.

I can’t remember ever watching a Rose Bowl other than the one TCU was in. I’m sure over the years I must have, but I sure don’t remember them and I never cared about the B1G or PAC8, 10 or 12. However, my mom used to love to watch the parade when I was a kid. They would have been better if we had had a color TV back then.

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Michigan vs Vince Young was a real good one

I didn’t watch that one Chris, I have not watched any UT games not involving UH.


Ambivalent. But i agree, if the playoff expands the Rose Bowl is sure to get a semifinal game or some such. M’eh.

Combustible engines will be outlawed soon, so is a perfect spot for a junk yard.