My week 12 was Thursday. We won

All down hill from our game. Coogfans is the best group to me so I think AD office keeps the pulse of the this blog. TX won, WV lost, ND won uhggg, OSU broke me when they won arrgh,. Urban was holding his aneurysm. I am going to be positive. I am positive that we are too banged up for NY6. We will play Memphis tough. The right teams will lose. We will play UCF tough. Take solace in the fact that the CFP considers our 2015-2016 team the only G5 with a legitimate bitch about CFP SOS inclusion. Give UFC to a GA or LSU #5 or # 6 . Not ND or OK. FLA is a ?. The powers that be and P5’s must be salivating over wanting to reign in UCF. Hell , CFP committee probably has it in their business model by now. I would get a waiver and schedule UCF vs NORTH DAKOTA STATE for NY6!