My wife surprised me

I live in San Antonio, and I drive in for all the home games. I just got back to the house and this has been rolled up in my closet through 7 moves with the military.

That is signed by a 19yr old Case Keenum, Quick Six, DA#2, Trent Allen, Norbie Juist, about 20 other players, and one CAB.



They’re supposed to honor the 2006 team at halftime one of the home games this season (Homecoming I would imagine). I really hope they do not have Art Briles there. He might get booed.

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How in the world could UH honor the 2006 FB team without including the head coach Art Briles?


Look… Briles made a mistake, a big mistake. Should he coach again? That is not for me to decide.

I think he honestly thought these kids could clean up there act. Only he and God know what he knew about the events leading up to his dismissal. Those girls deserve justice. I have met the man, and I never had the impression he was a bad person. I know that goes counter to what a lot of Coog fans want to believe, but CAB is not evil.

I won’t boo him if he comes out with the 2006 team

Maybe if they have the team, he’s there, wearing UH gear and they don’t announce his name…

Last year, who got booed? Mayor Parker or Sheila Jackson Lee. I forget.

I don’t think it happens. It’s too big a risk for a massively negative outburst from the crowd that would overshadow and embarrass the players.

Right. Its not like we’d roll out a Steinway and play it at halftime and such. Ugh. Bad idea. Prefer we honor the team but don’t send Briles an invite.

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BTW we hijacked the OP’s thread. :fearful:

I will gladly honor 2006 Briles. 2016, not so much. BTW, I would hang that poster in my office for sure. I have a conference champions banner that ends at 2006 hanging there (it has the wetcat on it). Not all memories should be thrown away (I’m gonna preemptively claim a Bill Cosby exemption here).

Lol that Steinway show was a disaster could y’all even hear the piano? I couldn’t and I was standing right behind the guy. He was an amazing piano player but that show could have used some more inspired planning.

Awesome poster and awesome wife for doing that for you.

I know the feeling about moving in the military and having things sitting in a closet waiting for a home to hang them in. Finally got a house I can do it with here in Schertz; hoping to stay awhile or get back to Houston.


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