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So how is the NIL going to work? This is about A&M’s program but it references we are coming out with ours in the summer.

Texas A&M moves ahead on getting athletes ready to ‘maximize their brand’ and earnings (

I would hope that a portion of what the athlete recieves goes into a collective pool that is distributed to all of the players. Because who ever the athlete is, he didn’t become a star without the help of his teammates.

Can you imagine how much Case Keeneum could have made.

It’s not going to work.

Edit - Case Keenum was an undrafted free agent. He likely wouldn’t have benefitted much under NIL compared to most “popular players”.

I doubt there will be a collective pool. It’s a free market. You earn what you are worth. They will pay taxes on those earnings.

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I get that up to a point. But can you imagine a locker room where one player is getting money from their likeness and endorcements and the offensive line is getting bupkis.

I see this becoming a big mess.

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I think he would have made some money. It’s your status and popularity while in college, not after college and Case was very popular at UH. I’m sure some Houston businesses would have loved for him to be on their billboard or TV commercials.


Ed Oliver would have made a lot of money. Players will get use to the process.

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Keenum could have made a boatload.


Every K and W quarterback (Ware, Klingler, Kolb, Keenum, Ward and King) would have made some good money under this rule since they were all popular at UH

Players aren’t babies. Does it hurt baseball when some players are getting barely any scholarship and some are getting nearly a full ride?


It is an interesting point. Like everything new there will be a period of transition. The common denominator is for every player to excel. At the same time it is above all a team sport with…contact.
Can you imagine the star QB getting major endorsements and his offensive line getting nothing?
Tom Brady always made it a point to “reward” his entire offensive line. He restructured his contract every season or so to make sure his club could keep its best players.
A successful team is about chemistry between its members. Easier said than done.

This is going to be awesome. I read where a woman’s softball player at UT I believe had to shut down her YouTube site that she had throughout high school about make up and decorations after it was found bed bath and beyond gave her a bunch of stuff for her dorm and she had a video about it for her 500k followers that did not follow her for her softball info.

Or the UFC kicker that quit football because of his YouTube page.

The NCAA and this whole amateur tradition and the fact the government is involved at all is so crazy.


You have locker rooms now where “certain” players are getting high dollar hand shakes.
But I get what you are saying.
It is already a lopsided playing field and the P5s just gained a little more gold.

I guess at the end of the day you are right.

The problem I have with the NIL is some schools are going to be able to use that as a significant recruiting tool. “come to Austin, play at UT!! we’re going to be on national TV every week, we have the LHN. you can earn a lot more NIL $$$ playing here than at XXX.”

I would prefer a pot where all of the money goes in and is distributed evenly among all of the players: QB’s, linemen, bench riders.

That’s already happening; if there was no NIL, they’d be sold on NFL scouts, future marketing deals, etc.

I know. What will be interesting is how the transfer portal is going to play in all of this.

Let’s say you have a hot shot HS recruit. He sits on the bench all year. a school comes up and says “come play here, you’ll get a chance to get some NIL money!” < sarcasm font> Of course we know that this would never happen, that schools would never reach out to student/athletes at another school while on scholarship. </Sarcasm font>

Yes, I know that is going to be happening, if it hasn’t started already.

I feel that this is. OT going to be as big of a deal as most people think. I feel this will be more like podcast money. Yes some of these kids will make some great money signing autographs and hosting YouTube channels and being on tv commercials, but most are going to stay the same. In the podcast universe the top echelon make money, the joe rogans and such, but there are still 10000 others that makes a few pennies.

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We need to have our players images ready to go, even if they only make money in Texas market.

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If our athletic department was smart they would have classes on how to monetize your content on patreon or YouTube. I have seen us fans pay for rumors from people being fed rumors by folks on the ‘inside’.

Now imagine 100 football players with inside access and true behind the scenes channels on these sites. I am sure our athletic department is ahead of the curve.

For all you folks that think it is going to be commercials and pictures, sure there will be a little, but the athletes that are entertaining and can host a camera and entertain the fans, they will make $10 a month from thousands of fans every month.

Just think of how many of us would pay for a weekly podcast from say ‘The Bankston and Bardwell Show’ as they break down the weeks defensive and offensive line play behind a paywall? Or ‘the Clayton Tune Show’?

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