NASCAR going green

I hope this is true it sends a good message

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All about the torque. Couple thoughts…

“efforts are being made to add an entertaining sound to the otherwise near-silent electric drive.”

IMHO, let sound of them flying threw the wind and high pitched VFD/motor whine be all that there is, in addition to announcers giving play by play like you’re watching it on TV.

“two 30-minute events with no pit stops or charging”

They need to develop quick change-out batteries. Pull in for a pit stop, get a whole new battery fast and off you go. That type of tech could change the world and wouldn’t it be cool if it was perfected by NASCAR?

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Did you guys know that Formula 1 already uses hybrid car technology? Its far from green.

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Did not know that. Don’t follow any racing at all. Makes sense though given the amount of braking. Going to take a lot more technology for EV’s be better than ICE just going in an oval for 500 miles.

I can see EV being pretty handy with F1, with the nearly vertical torque curve coming out of corners.