Nassar stabbed in prison

Not going to shed a tear for this monster but two wrongs don’t make a right. Rule of law has to mean something.

Man… To hell with that POS.

I’m sure that if the assailants can be identified that they’ll be charged. Agg Assault with a deadly weapon possibly, if this were Texas. Not sure about the appropriate federal charge, assuming the feds have jurisdiction.

And if the assailants aren’t charged with anything, then I agree, it would be an injustice.

Even convicted criminals can be victims of crime. I’ve seen that in my own criminal law practice. The perpetrators should still be prosecuted, regardless of who the victim may be, whenever there is a crime THIS serious.

Why is this in the politics board?

Wouldn’t get as much play anywhere else, in all likelihood.

Take it to the football board then.

It’s a better fit here than there. At least this is a legal matter, and politics is all about making, enforcing, and interpreting the law.

Nothing to do with football.

A guy getting stabbed in prison is a legal matter? OK.

As to whether it’ll be prosecuted and how, absolutely. 100% a legal matter.

That seemed to be the gist of Johnny’s post.

Otherwise, why did he post this?

Quote: Rule of law has to mean something.