Nate Hinton #123 in Rivals Final Rankings


new espn 100 out, he isnt a espn 100 anymore

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Doesn’t seem like a big deal…had his play dropped off a bit?

no, but espn 100 is a nice accolade …when people talk about how good a recruit is they always refer to how how he was ranked in the 100… it was a nice selling point to doubters who believed we were falling off a cliff because we lost rob…

his rating is the same, they just moved his rankings…its not that his play dropped off a bit, its that they moved him to make room for someone else

Ahh thanks for the explanation Pesik! I still get confused with how the whole ranking system works lol.

espn is a joke recruiting site anyway

He probably dropped out after he signed with us

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Who cares what he is rated. If he buys into the program and can play similarly to how he’s represented in his highlight videos, we will have a huge steal.

So pumped for November…so many good things happening for men’s basketball right now.

Agree. I find myself checking basketball updates more than football updates these days. Maybe Briles will change that for me come September.


If he had signed with N Carolina, he would have been top 10 !!!

I bet coach Sampson is quite pleased with Hinton signing with UH…regardless of that ridiculous rating…

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not to speak on speculation…but if he had choosen michigan (one of his 20+ offers) id bet money he’d still in the top 100…

even rivals its kinda of ridiculous…all michigans commits all had crazy spikes…they had 2 150-ish recruits,that got 40 spot jumps to get them into the top 100

they’re recruited a class was decent when they signed…that class looks elite with their upgraded rankings

all in all it doesnt bother me…it just disappoints that we cant say we brought a espn 100…which was a nice recruiting accolade

Hintons fall is result of playing the right way. He didn’t dominate the ball & gave it up.
They ended up state runner up-lost by 2 in double OT.

They had 2 other good seniors. One going to Charleston, the other somewhere in the Colonial.
A % of his numbers went to them. Hinton was still the area Player of the Year.

As always, I care about the players that sign with UH, enroll at UH and play for UH !!

The ratings are only important to the teams that need their alumni to feel important.

This has been true for as long as I can remember.

The so called “recruiting gurus” know this and taylor their “so called expertise” towards that end !!

This use to be very evident back in the days of Texas Football…it was aimed at gullable aggies and longhorns !!


Still is