National Archives rejects Trump's claim about his predecessors


Yall want to talk about someone losing it, that man was saying the most bizarre stuff yesterday. Even went aftef Bush. I think he has lost his senses but a lot of Americans believe some crazy stuff

I think he is laying the foundation of his excuse to his base. That way when or if charges come he will say…see…see…I told you.

He will take everyone with him if it comes to that.


He’s setting up the National Archives as being part of the deep state.

It’s not hard to see where he’s going with his lies. People even guess it and then his faithful just say those guesses prove something nefarious when they come true.

I read he said something about Bush Senior taking files to a closed down Chinese Restaurant and Bowling Alley that had a broken door or something. Sounds like a fever dream.

Here’s the real story (which is of course much different).

Ahh didn’t know the bowling alley/Chinese restaurant had any basis in reality. Just thought it was bizarre.

He is just deranged.

And so is anybody who still defends him.

No bottom.

Defrauding charities, bragging about sexual assault, unabated and unabashed constant lying, blackmail, witness tampering, fake electors, 60 fraudulent lawsuits over election fraud, sedition, theft of classified documents and just being stark raving mad is not enough.

There is no bottom and those who defend this have no conscience.

In our Household we once voted for Trump. So did our children.

We no longer support him and just wish he would go away.