National Debt

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Covid. And Brandon goes and passes another 3 trillion for left wing boondoggles as soon as he takes office.

Not just covid but that certainly played a significant role.



Man O Man, the outrage sure is selective!

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$3 Trillion > $18 Billion

Trump racked up just as much debt.

The wars cost 6 trillion per the chronicle

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When trump was prez, they raised it 3 times and no issue for republicans. Hypocritical

Again if they go after soc sec and Medicare for this either cutting payouts or raising the age, they are done. I’ll stop voting Republican if they do either.

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Of course it is hypocritical but it isn’t wrong.

We are on financial course that is unsustainable. We are on a climate course that is unsustainable. We are on health course that is unsustainable.

We better get a new way of thinking.

Let me see if i understand…we spend way above the limit, then threaten to not pay the bills on things we already spent? Lol…

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It’s that simple, nothing more, nothing less.

Well, except for the owning libs part, gotta own the libs. No one can tell you why but we gotta own the libs (whatever that means).

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They’ll do it just to blame Biden. Never mind the hurt it will cause the country.

Because, Kevin McCarthy is somehow now afraid of MTG. What a spineless wimp.

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per tax paying person, its around 250k each. both sides are to blame, but imo, that card is going to come calling within 20 years.

the average retirement account of those 60 or better was around 425k before this bear market, so when the govt calls this card; its going to wipe out the retirement of most americans, only the really rich will be able to handle it. after its settled, something like 90% of the country will be dependent on the govt when they can no longer work.

you can blame all parties since probably clinton and the 94 congress that balanced the bifbudget and last had a surplus; but the futue of most americans is govt dependence, shorter lifespans as the govt denies medical expenses if you dont have the ability to pay yourself.

dave ramsey, who comments with joke intended to live or rice and beans so you can later live like no one else, rice and beans may be the future of most americans for the debtloads the govts and most people have inflected upon themselves.

As a percentage of GDP, the debt is manageable. Learned opinions differ on how long. Most of us who argue about it don’t truly understand it, and I’ll admit that applies to me.

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That seems high; what sources are you using ?

Here’s the average amount people have saved for retirement by age group, according to Vanguard’s data.

Age Average 401(k) balance Median 401(k) balance
Under 25 $6,718 $2,240
25 to 34 $33,272 $13,265
35 to 44 $86,582 $32,664
45 to 54 $161,079 $56,722
55 to 64 $232,379 $84,714
65 and up $255,151 $82,297

Is this a bear market ? Guess it depends on what definition of a bear market you are using.
Some use 20% drop in a market. Jan 22 DJI was around 36,0000 and recent close was 33,900.
The Fed is certainly doing it’s best to manufacture a recession and bear market, but the economy
seems stubbornly robust.

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