Navarro convicted of contempt

Trump refused to help Navarro in any way. Others who did bad at Trump’s bidding have started to see the light and will cut deals if they can. And cutting a deal doesn’t mean someone lies about Trump to get a reduced sentence. It means they don’t withhold testimony to protect him. Where’s the benefit to them continuing to defend Trump?

I hope Navarro does every day of the two years he could get at sentencing.

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Also the whole thing seemed stupid to me. He already wrote about that stuff in a book and talked in interviews but couldn’t talk to Congress because of “executive privilege”. Sure seems that argument was worthless once he published a book.

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This is the poison that comes from Trump denying the election results. Endless misery for so many, both those who were true believers and those who saw an opportunity to grift. All of this is the fault of one man. And still many here hold him up. smh


From an ad back when Navarro was a politician.