Navy Game - Tour the Academy

BTW, I was remembering today to remind anyone coming up here and planning to tour the Academy that all adults will need to bring identification. A driver’s license is usually sufficient. (For some reason a couple of states DL are not accepted. I don’t recall Texas being one of them.

Years ago, you used to just be able to walk on and walk around, but now the gates are manned with MP’s.

Thanks for the heads up, my brother-in-law is in law enforcement and always carries, I’ll remind him not to when we got visit Annapolis.

Thanks for the info! We’re planning a road trip for the game! Never been in that area before!

Wife and I signed up through the UHAA package (pricy) which includes hotel, a tour of the Academy, arranged dinner reservations and a pre-game tail gate. Hoping to meet COOGS I have not met before. When I found out the United Sates Sail Boat show was the same weekend, I decided to do the UHAA package as there will be individuals to help. Hotel is supposedly walking distance to Academy and Stadium. On the day of the game the cadets march from the Academy to the stadium. I understand this tradition is very neat to witness. Not sure what time they start the march.

can I ask how much you paid for two.

I believe the total for the 2 of us came to $1,750. They did $300 down and balance due in early September. The Lowes hotel on their web site was showing $350+ taxes per night. So yes expensive, but at least they will take us to our own Academy tour, dinner at a nice spot on the water and tail gate. I made a reservation with Super Shuttle, I think $90 round trip from Baltimore Airport plus a cash tip to driver. I called the hotel and asked about rental cars and they told me with the United States Sail Boat show the same weekend you don’t want a car. So we are on foot.

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