Navy Holgerson post game interview

Did he give a post game press conference? Haven’t seen it. He might have had some uncomfortable questions!

Here is Navy’s . Holgorsen isn’t posted on YouTube. It’s on ESPN+

Someone paraphrase, I’m not watching all that

Condensing several minutes into a sentence, he basically said they lost because they fumbled that one time and Jones ran the punt back for a TD.


That’s an excellent summary.

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I watched Monday’s presser. You need to get ESPN+ if you don’t have it.
Dana stood up for Witherspoon and got angry when a reporter kept pressing him. Told the reporter that we’re not going to sit here and criticize a kid.

Said Mulbah Car is fine but hadn’t practiced in a couple of weeks. (guessing covid maybe)

Monday press conference is here:


He said that about Witherspoon after he said he needed to get it together. But coach knows the deal. kicking is like a golf swing. Sometimes you just lose it and just have to go back to basics and start over.

No kicker never misses.

Witherspoon has been great for us.

I’m not concerned at all. He’ll be back on the horse and ready to ride when he’s needed.


Tulsa offense is experienced and talented on the line and skill positions

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Why is he talking about the kicker? Why are they asking about the kicker? We need first downs!!!


Gone are the days of an aggressive media asking tough questions of the coach. Campbell would have yanked his chain.

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True enough, but yall should know after Witherspoon came close to missing 2 PATS after our 2nd and 3rd TDs as well as that FG attempt, i think a soph kicker named Smith booted the PAT on our 4th TD, and it was right between the uprights…so a change has been made…oh, sorry…, the soph kicker’s name is Kyle Ramsey…announcers mention him by name as he kicks the 4th PAT…so we have several kickers to use, if needed…Has Baxa tried a FG this year??

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Ramsey kicked the last 3 PATs. We have 3 kickers we have used this season (look at Dana building that depth!), Baxa does kickoffs and Witherspoon was the main kicker. Ramsey has kicked a few kickoffs and now those 3 PATs. Maybe he will be the guy for short field goals going forward, I guess we will see. If we ever need a 50 yarder, I think Baxa is the guy sent out.

Witherspoon has not made a fieldgoal since he got lasered in the Rice game.

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I wasn’t aware he was lasered. You mean someone in the stands hit him in eyes with it?

somebody (a Rice fan) hit him in the eyes from the end zone as he was trying to kick the field goal.

Yeah that was BS. Security started looking around afterwards. The kick was shanked so badly on the attempt.

I remember the kick. It’s disgusting that people do stuff like that.


I doubt it, Baxa missed all his kicks inside the 40 in the spring red zone scrimmage.

I think lasering is a pretty serious crime now, right?