Navy only loss was us last year

Navy was 7-1 in conference, their only loss was us. They could go undefeated on conference play this year, they already took care of their toughest conference foe. If they win out the conference, we are not going to any NY6


If its not UH then we owe it to Navy to win out and help the American once again get a team in a NY6 bowl.


The Navy team last year was their best team in 40 years. I think they lose to Memphis and USF this year.

We lost because we were outcoached. Navy had a perfect game plan to counter the way we defended them last year. CTO and company did not adjust.


If I understand things correctly, the Cotton Bowl is the only non-CFP NY6 bowl that doesn’t have any conference affiliations. At least that’s what it looks like on Wikipedia.

How crazy would this scenario be:

  • Navy wins out and is the highest ranked G5 conference champ, getting the automatic Cotton Bowl berth

  • We win out and end the year ranked in the top 10 and get the Cotton Bowl at large bid

  • We get a rematch with Navy, have Steven Taylor, Tyus Bowser and Brandon Wilson back

  • We stomp a giant mud hole in Navy in a rematch in basically our back yard

Certainly not as exciting as the playoffs, but I’d take it if it happened. I’ve never been to the Cotton Bowl and would like an opportunity to visit it this year. Of course, all of this would be much cleaner if Navy loses a couple and we win the conference. If we win the conference, I don’t know that Boise can pass us even if we lose to Louisville…unless we get dismantled by UL. Don’t see that happening.

Ok, theorizing over. 1-0 from here on out.

Navy has problems on the ROAD…just like last year…They still have 2 tough road games at South Florida and ECU plus a tough home game against Memphis…they are going to lose some games…if UCONN hadnt been their usual stupid boring selves in trying to run up the middle 4 straight times from the 2, in the final minute, they would lost THAT game!

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Agreed aldine; Navy has looked vulnerable this year and got beat by Air Force. If they win out, hats off to them, but there’s a long way to go.

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