Navy @SMU Fri @630p CT

Two future opponents that we can observe.

SMU is -13.5, which seems super high.

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Ponies by at least 14 in Dallas.

Seems like it. They didn’t do well in the 2nd half vs. UCF but otherwise they have been decent.

Navy looked really good this weekend - that is, as long as you weren’t watching on the pass plays.

Navy will win. They have won two of the their last 3 and look to be turning it around. SMU on the other hand has lost 3 straight games. SMU has also been dealing with locker room issues with multiple players thinking about sitting out and/or transferring.

Wrong. Ponies cruising.

This game was a real poop-out, ponies-wise.

We can beat both of these teams.


No doubt. Let’s hope we follow through


Can we? Yes. Will we? :man_shrugging:t2:

I only watched highlights but came away thinking the Navy QB has a good arm