Navy uses drag queen ambassador

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Tell me you’re in the closet, without telling me you’re in the closet.


You and Firstie



How does Pepperseed find this type of news? Is she actively googling anything “gay” or “drag”?


Well, as is said, I met a transgender Army Officer for the first time recently.

The only thing I wonder is if that Officer has had “bottom surgery.”

If not, then I wonder how that Officer’s female colleagues react when they see that individual in the group shower at the gym.

One thing’s for sure. Because this Officer was a male infantry officer with a Ranger Tab to start his career before transitioning and becoming an Army Physical therapist, this Officer presumably has a male musculature which would give said Officer a HUGE advantage on the PT test over female colleagues.

Anyway, that individual seems to be serving well, and I found out in our conversation that this Officer and I had served together in Korea at the same time, albeit at different locations.

So mentally ill folks are in leadership? What could possibly go wrong?

Merely being transgender isn’t considered a mental illness.



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Gender dysphoria is indeed a mental illness.

But that’s SEPARATE from being transgender.

It refers to the mental distress that transgender individuals can at times experience because of feeling forced to conform to whatever gender identity is expected of them based upon their anatomy.

It’s not the same as merely being transgender.

Not all transgender people suffer from it.

That’s why I said, merely being transgender isn’t considered a mental illness, nor can a person who is transgender be presumed to be suffering from such.


During your time in the military, did you ever witness gender or sexual orientation affecting leadership, whether officers or NCOs?

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Leadership, no.

My only questions though are related to privacy.

If a male-to-female trans officer hasn’t had bottom surgery…should they be allowed to use a group shower in the barracks or gym? How are the other females in the shower supposed to react upon seeing that individual’s “equipment?”

Are you referring to a former Commander in Chief?


I was trying to make a point that some of the most vocal critics of the composition of the military and any problems inherent with diversity don’t have much or any direct knowledge about this at all.


My question is if you’re a trans navy officer, do you run down the hall at tailhook, or stand in the hall?

He also is deficient in leadership skills. I would say he is more ego driven than anything.

I appreciate the scolding but good and bad leadership transcend military or civilian distinction because leadership is leadership. I’ve have listened to a few soldiers say they would not trust someone who was a dude and dressed like a girl. I’m taking about combat situations. That is a major issue.

That has nothing to do with leadership and everything to do with the prejudice of those soldiers. I’m sure there were soldiers who said the same thing about cis-gendered women and ethnic minorities as well.


Yeah but that’s the same old thing a few soldiers have said forever

Pre WW2- I don’t know if I can trust a black person with me. We can aasume they used other outdated language.

Pre end of don’t ask don’t tell- I don’t know if I can trust a gay guy.
Turns out you can because do you know what everyone has in common in combat the desire to come home.

It’s their own insecurity and weakness. Nothing more nothing less.