Navy vs SMU

Wow. Navy time of possession 10-min vs 5-min for Schmuuu. 10-7 Middies.

Navy with 10 minute TOP advantage, However, SMU has a 4 point advantage with 8:49 left in 3rd.

Wow, in the 3rd quarter, SMU has two 3 and outs with a total of about 90 seconds TOP, Navy has over 10 minutes TOP in the 3rd quarter and now trail 21-20 with the ball. looking tense for SMU.

If Navy beats SMU, Memphis beats USF, and we beat Navy, Memphis will win the west, regardless of how they do against Cincy. However, if Navy or SMU win out and Memphis loses to Cincy, then Memphis will not win the west and therefore the AAC CCG will be between Cincy and either Navy or SMU.

Navy now running through a gassed SMU defense and just went ahead 28-21.

Yep they are going to run all over us too

It’s tied at 28 and SMU just had an open WR drop a pass on 3rd and long.

Long TD run - Navy up 35-28.

That’s what you said about Tulsa…


So, you notice the trend also :sunglasses:

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Glad we won!!!