Watching the Navy game this weekend it looks like they have gone the empty stadium route. Does anyone know if this is for conference games as well? I was looking to make a roadie to Maryland.

I believe they said it was the law of the State


Correct. Army can have their fans because they are on federal land and not bound by any state mandates. Really sucks for Navy.


*really sucks for the state of Maryland


So you are saying that the Naval Academy is NOT on land owned by the Federal Government? That seems odd. Does the Navy lease the land?

Here is what I found originally…can’t find the origin immediately.

Same for Navy’s players. Because the stadium is located on state-owned land, and not federal land as Army’s is, no fans were allowed, not even Navy’s students.

However after a little new research, some articles are saying it’s all on Gladchuck…“following state suggestions” (sucking up) to MD politicians. Who knows…guess I’ll do a bit more research.

Gladchuck is still there, ohh lol good for him

That doesn’t sound correct to me.

USNA was built on the site of a former US Army fort, and has a full-time garrison.

I am confident that it is federal property.

That said, while the Governor of Maryland’s guidance would be outside the military chain of command and non-binding on a federal military installation, I’m sure that Gladchuck wanted to be a good neighbor and followed the Gov’s non-binding recommendations.

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No, it is correct. USNA is located on federal property. But, their football stadium is not on campus. The campus and the stadium are separated by downtown Annapolis (including Maryland’s state capitol) and a residential neighborhood.

The Navy/Marine Corp Stadium is not located on the Academy campus. It is located several blocks away.

The past two Navy away games have found us spending several days touring DC, Quantico and Annapolis. It was on our schedule for a third time, but, but, but the election infection . . . . .

The governor is Republican.

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Ah, I see.

Surprising that the feds haven’t gone ahead and acquired the property that the stadium is located on.

Seems silly that they haven’t.

OK, so the Mayor of Annapolis along with both of Maryland’s U.S. Senators and 7 out of 8 members of their U.S. House Representatives are all Democrats - with their Governor being a deep-state R.I.N.O. from Washington D.C.

So is their any question who’s making up all of their state and local guidelines up there? So obviously (former UH AD) now Navy AD Chet Gladchuck is just playing along to protect his $700,000+ annual salary as well as his multi-million $$$ pension.

“Governmental guidelines, coupled with good conscience, coupled with being responsible have led us to this decision today,” [Navy Ad Gladchuk] said. “It comes from an understanding the [coronavirus] issue has not been resolved; It’s been mitigated to some degree. However, still a very significant threat. All the state and local guidelines coincide with our thinking.”

You can’t just admit you’re wrong? You were. You went into an area you weren’t supposed to go. And you look silly.

Just own it and move on.

Mike, yes I admit that I was wrong in using the word “Governor” rather than the word “Government.”