NBA Legends Explain How Good Hakeem Olajuwon Was

Nothing here on his UH career but still fun to watch.


He along with Clyde and Elvin are all considered top 50 players of all time and HOF coach Guy V Lewis coached each to greatness!


He was a complete maniac in the both finals. And if John Lucas didn’t have his drug issues, we would’ve beat the ‘86 Celtics.

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Awesome. Thanks for posting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was so happy when he got his first ring
especially against Patrick Ewing since, the NCAA championship loss to Ewing and Georgetown

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Thanks for posting. I must have got goosebumps 15 times watching that. It also occurred to me how special it is for your team to win a championship when you are a child. I’ll never again look up to sports icons like I did as a child and to have them when the title was amazing. Listening to those calls brought back all those childhood emotions. Thanks!

The 86 Celtics dominated the Rockets. Lucas, Wiggins, and Lloyd could have been cold sober for their entire lives and the Celtics still would have crushed the Rockets. They had too much playoff and finals experience behind them. As much as I love the Rockets and Dream, I couldn’t disagree more.

The series was 4-2 and one of those games was a 106-103 defeat at the Summit where we were held scoreless the final 4 minutes or something like that. Boston was incredible that year but Lucas was a floor general and knew how to keep Hakeem and Ralph cool.

Lucas WAS your veteran leader. He would have made a huge difference in that series. Every team was terrified of the Rockets after the way they played Boston with Robert Reid running the point when he had never done so in his career. We were so thin at guard and we still made it a 6 game series with perhaps the greatest team ever to play in the 80s

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maybe they just needed better cocaine

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