NBA Summer League 2024

If you’re wondering about NBA Summer League for

*Jarace Walker

*Marcus Sasser

*Jamal Shead

Looks like that should be starting July 12th in Las Vegas


There are some teams playing in California & Salt Lake City already (Lakers, Sixers, Heat, etc)

But, regarding former UH guys:


*Jarace- 1st game (Friday, July 12th) vs Brooklyn

*Sasser - 1st game (Saturday, July 13th) vs 76ers

*Shead - 1st game (Saturday, July 13th) vs OKC

*Jarreau - 1st game (Monday, July 8th) vs Utah Jazz

*Hinton- 1st game (Friday, July 12th) vs Lakers

Grimes, i dont see playing in the summer league

Taze Moore & Kyler Edwards, TBD

Waiting to see roster announcements


Deeky on the Memphis summer league roster


ESPN: Bronny basically wrapped up rookie of the year and is a front runner for MVP! (Front page of espn this morning)

Literally everyone else:

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Memphis does play July 8th - 10th in Salt Lake City, Utah

We’ll see if Jarreau gets action

Already been reported Nate will be on the summer team.

@RWcoog Thank you for the correction :+1:

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Why is a 4-point professional debut considered a disappointment when he only averaged 5 PPG in college???


It not about being a disappointment or shouldn’t be, it’s just who he is.
Too bad a worthy player will lose the last spot on the roster so Lebron can have his with. Also too bad Bronny may be resented by his peers without having earned his spot and not being near the caliber of player to be on the roster.


Jarreau tonight:

*3 of 5, 6pts 2 rebs, 2 assts, 1 TO in 10 minutes of play

Keyonte George, 30pts…on 5 of 21 shooting :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Zach Edey played tonight. 14pts & 15rebs

Former UCONN guard, Cam Spencer, also looked good from 3pt


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Pistons summer league roster


Jarreau’s 2nd summer league game:

26 minutes, 12pts, 8rebs, 4 assts, 2TOs

Cam Spencer for UCONN w/ another good game.


Nate Hinton & Fabian White Jr on the Rockets Summer League team



Jarace in year 2 breakouts.


Jarace Walker’s path to playing time in Indiana isn’t quite as clear-cut, which is probably why the Pacers will be experimenting with him at the wing during summer league. Walker was drafted on the premise of being a soft-skilled wrecking ball at the 4 with the length and bulk to play spot minutes at the 5, but his trajectory changed in the G League. Walker’s playmaking ability and confidence handling the ball enabled the Indiana Mad Ants to use him as a pick-and-roll operator, and his comfort shooting 3s from a standstill and (shockingly) off movement at more than twice the volume he saw in college, was a revelation. Indiana plays at a blistering tempo, but they’ve exercised restraint and patience in Walker’s development. Pascal Siakam’s midseason arrival and Obi Toppin’s steadiness as a spark plug 4 has muddied the waters for Walker, though it’s a good problem to have from the Pacers’ perspective. But Walker’s talent might prove too much to ignore. His defensive tools have long been his calling card, and he’s now flashed a well-rounded offensive game that’s fit for the modern era. It seems like only a matter of time before his breakthrough. It could come as soon as this weekend.

But how did he develop these skills after college??


He took those skills from college and presumably enhanced all his skills with a good season of work.
He was a good ball handler and very good passer in college and took his defense to another level while he was here.

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Imagine if that was a coog squad


I’ll take that group w just the 3 walk-ons who played some to win it all.
Caleb Broodo. Ryan Elvin & Wes Van Beck.