NBA Summer league Thread

Instead of guessing were to put that info, decided just to make a thread


chet holgrem looking like the greatest thing since sliced bread in the summer league

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Almost started one myself, we keep it organized on the basketball side. Not like those savages on the football section with 18 threads on conference realignment.

They may shut Holmgren down, seen enough.


Chet is ridiculous, if he can gain some weight we gone have a problem

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Going to be a busy thread this year w/a lot of Coogs in action

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tacko getting embarrassed by chet on his 1st ever game as a pro is probably a good sign that tacko in the nba is likely done


Coogfans prevailing view might end up being comically wrong about Chet.


Then again it might not….comical is people losing their minds over anything that takes place in the summer league.

Don’t put me in that category chet been that dude and it’s not hard to see. At the very least you got a 3nD 7’1 player

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I’m a fan too. Only concerns are if he can stay healthy and if he can switch on NBA caliber guards.

But he’s an elite rim protector who can hit 3’s and has the ball skills of a guard. That’s already valuable and the potential is off the charts.

Also in terms of “don’t overreact”, I agree on don’t overreact to a summer league game and he could go 0 for 10 tomorrow. But he made clear and reinforced why his potential is so high. Betting sites moved him to ROY favorite after the game.

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Yes, the question is how does his body stand up to the wear and tear of a NBA season. The fact that no one posts up anymore is going to help that part of his game.

Rockets first game is Thursday I am excited to see the rookies in action.

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I’m really interested to see what Josh Christopher does


I agree about not overreacting, but it was a perfect example of why he is so dangerous. He had 3 guys defend him, Kofi a guy who has 100 pounds on him and is a physical inside player, Tacko who has height/length on him (and also a 100 pounds), and Law who is supposed to be quicker/more athletic. He destroyed them all and did very well on defense.

Giddey also looked like an all-star so that might be a good reminder its summer league. Unless the OKC tanking is now over.

Man, watching Lofton in the Summer League is making me sad for what could have been. :frowning:

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for anyone curious, coogs in the summer league:

Toronto - armoni
dallas - gorham
indiana - hinton
brooklyn - taze & gresham
knicks - grimes
spurs - edwards & Carlton
lakers - fabian

note: dejon recovering from acl injury

the main event in vegas starts thursday (tomorrow) for 2 weeks-


Have we ever had this many guys competing in SL at one time?
If so I don’t recall.

Speaks to the quality of the UH program and the quality of kids that CKS and staff are bringing through the program.

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Man, that’s a lot of our dudes getting time on the floor. Pretty cool. :muscle:

The NBA two way pays $502k this year.
Hopefully a few of these guys can get those spots.
I was a little surprised Grimes is playing. Nothing to prove.