NBC Notre Dame and Big 12?

I think Notre Dame and NBC are behind the non-merger of the Big 12 and PAC
Notre Dame will get 75+ million and stay Indy. NBC will get Big12 with two maybe 4 Pac-12 teams. The rest of Pac12 water down the revenue. Utah outside looking in?


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CBS Report: How Notre Dame Is Helping The Big 12 - YouTube

Having NBC interested might drive up the price of Big 12 media deal with ESPN.

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Andy or Barney?


Yormark walked on the deal, ND rights deal in conjunction with the same network carrier would be transformative for the B12. Both contract expire in the same year. The stars are lining up.


If the man can negotiate a deal with NBC and ND to sign on to play B12, like they did ACC, what a steal. This is getting good.


Big 12 DIDNT want a merger. Not viable financially… PAC wanted it, we said NO.
But some deal with Notre Dame could be in the works…


Dodd reports that

NBC’s negotiations are expected to extend across the next 2-3 weeks, according to a source. The network has been the rightsholder for Notre Dame home football games since 1991. The current deal averages $15 million per year, but Notre Dame is earning $22 million annually due to the backloaded nature of the contract.

Question is why is Notre Dame negotiating this now if their current deal expires in 2025. Secondly, the big12 is considering this “shoulder” as additional programming which is not part of their exclusive deal with Fox, espn

Tom…is this Third Tier rights ? Thx !

My understanding is that the Big Ten decision will come down to whether their media rights can reach a certain threshold. ($70m has been suggested.) The way to do that is to get your negotiations nailed down. Then if you find out you’re only worth $55m you take the Big Ten offer.

We can’t negotiate with NBC right now I don’t think, but maybe we can talk to ND who can talk to NBC to get an idea of whether or not this will work. Maybe we’re being pitched as a viable backup plan if they don’t get the Big Ten games they want. I can imagine having a backup plan would be a big deal for NBC. (B1G TV negotiations were almost done, so theoretically NBC knows what it is or isn’t going to get, but I don’t know how much USC/UCLA pushed back things there.)

We know what handshake agreements are worth, though… and so does NBC.

Not sure what you mean by exclusive deal with Fox and ESPN. We don’t have an exclusive deal at that point.

I don’t think third tier rights have enough value to be considered for “ shouldering “ in linear programming. I think this under the table consultation with NBC as Alex describes above.

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Simply current big12 deals are with Fox and Espn, through 2025.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m failing to see how NBC using B12 content to subsidize ND helps us? Using our content to pay for another entity not even affiliated with us seems sketch to me. Other than that it is kinda far-fetched to me and likely not gonna happen. If ND can’t get $10M per home game without skimming from a separate conference’s content revenue then they’re headed to the B1G.

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Your underestimating ND desire to stay Independent They get the 75m there rumored to be asking they’ll stay independent. NBC linking the B12 to time slots with ND is smart business. Only way ND doesn’t stay independent is the path into CFB PO is cut off. Imo

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What we get:

It helps us because it gets us on network television, and potentially catch the attention of Notre Dame fans. If we play after Notre Dame maybe they don’t turn the channel if we have a good matchup. If we play before Notre Dame maybe they start catching some barn-burning game endings.

What NBC gets:

They reportedly believe that Notre Dame’s value is enhanced by being a part of a double-header, and having a contract with a conference put games on their channel every single week instead of just when Notre Dame has a home game. Basically, it helps NBC become a destination for college football rather than that network that shows 6-7 Notre Dame games a year. That could help them justify the expense of Notre Dame.

It has previously been reported that they were looking to the Big Ten to fill this gap. This suggests they may believe the Big 12 would work, too. It’s possible they’re losing or have lost bidding on the Big Ten. Or they aren’t getting enough games. Maybe they have in mind Big Ten games on weeks where Notre Dame is away and we shoulder both.

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I actually like the idea of the Big 12 getting a game in before or after ND (or both) on NBC.

It would certainly add to our overall media money and payout.

And, as you said, many of the eyeballs that watch ND (and there are many) will also watch Big 12 games either before or afterwards. Good exposure for UH and other Big 12 teams.


It would be huge. Unless it burned bridges with ESPN a truly best case scenario.

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If we get those 4 or 6 from the PAC, ESPN is going to want a part of the Big12 to show Pac-12 After Dark. Oops, Big12 After Dark.
It sounds like we could have 3 or 4 providers for our live content.

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I feel pretty confident that they’re going to want our content for ESPN+, so I doubt the bridge is burned.

But you’re right about Big 12 After Dark! Another win!


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