NBC Sports:New texts show former Mississippi governor helped funnel welfare funds to Brett Favre for USM volleyball stadium

Keeps getting odder.

WTF…those mudcats receive more federal funding percentage wise in comparison to what they contribute tax wise, than any other state in the union and there doing this type of shenanigans. With federal tax dollars. Bunch of hypocrites. Talking about welfare state, welfare for me not thee


You don’t think this happens in other places?

If it does it doesn’t make it right.

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You sound as if your okay with this ? It would be the worst kind of stealing
to take welfare dollars to build a stadium at your school. And I say that
as Favre fan and I don’t care what party the governor represents.
If this is indeed where the funds came from. Brett could very well be oblivious
to the source of the funds and I don’t fault him for using his status and influence to lobby for
the good of his school. Although I suspect he could have paid for it himself. There
are reports he has a net worth of $110 million.

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If I understand correctly, Mr. America actually spilled his guilt in a text message with respect to his concern about getting caught. Genius. Another member of the Law and Order Trump Criminal Gang.


I wonder if the new volleyball facility includes a famous Favre dik-pick–to honor his contributions?

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Why yes it does. Here it is.

Brett Favre has proved he is an absolute piece of crap. Some folks claim to “hate the swamp” then someone they like proves to be the swamp and then the tone changes.


He’ll serve time and then be “born again”, writing a book and going on speaking tour at good Christian churches and schools, all the while shedding a few crocodile tears at the appropriate moment. Art Schlister will stand to lead in the applause.

Hmmm…from those texts it sure sounds like he knew and was concerned about the
nature of the stadium funding. And to be honest, Ive completely forgotten about the infamous
photos he sent the reporter who turned down his advances. Because at the time he was married.

Oh well, I still enjoyed watching his football skills on display as a Packer. As a person, lets
just say he has “shown” some really bad judgement.

I’ve read some on this and what I’m wondering is how much was the university complicit or did they just not realize the source of the funds.

I’m going to say the school was probably unaware,
from what I’ve read so far. Brett apparently got the
accolades from the school for “stepping up” to
get it done. Nevermind his daughter was on the team.
Interesting that the structure built happens to just have
a generic campus name. I hope the school wasn’t
in on it.

Pez needs to get on the phone and do this.

Are you drunk or high? WTF?


It’s his porn.

I meant he needs to get on the phone and get some welfare funds for the football facility. The Biden gif is just a dry run on a new signature

Not the first time Favre’s in trouble for taking welfare money he shouldn’t have:

Brett Favre asked to repay welfare funds he received from Mississippi (usatoday.com)

Don’t forget the addiction issues. The guy is scum.

Is this part of the same volleyball scam or another incident by itself?
It’s a rather convoluted story with the welfare funds and paying Brett
for appearances he never performed either.

And then there is this story that implies the university itself knew the
source of the funds. :flushed:. A state of corruption on par with Louisiana.

I believe they’re separate, but not sure.

It appears from the story I linked that welfare funds, tens of millions of dollars, were misspent in various ways (not all to Favre, but it was apparently a sort of political slush fund).

Really sad. I hope lots of folks go to prison over this.

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