NCAA and basketball

It will be interesting to see that since basketball is their primary source of income, whether the NCAA relaxes their guidelines on cancelling games regarding COVID issues. Just saying .


A lot of the games are already cancelling. It is going to be a strange year.

What is weird is how many of the coaches are testing positive versus football coaches.


This is the year to stay local and avoid nonsense until league play

UH,TSU, Rice, PV, and whomever else an hour out should go on and play twice and get out safely. Less risk for cancellations and no crazy travel. Teams get on the plane and catch is as soon as they land - saw it happen in South Dakota


Agreed it seemed like they were about to form mini 8 or so team bubbles and just play 7 non conf games or something like that. The NBA has showed that works. But that idea just went away one day and it’s now going to be chaos. Also Hoops is different from football it’s an indoor sport that’s huge for spread potential IMO. Maybe they’ll get smart and go into bubbles for conference.

Yeah indoor sports are going to be scrutinized, my nephew is afraid HS wrestling season wont happen

high schools are skirting the rules - aint heard of any volleyball games canceled. barely football.

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Not true about high school games. It’s just not getting much publicity in the media. My son’s 6A team had 2 games cancelled/rescheduled due to Covid and at one point the head coach and another member of our coaching staff out for a quarantine while the rest of the coaches continued leading the team. Our district has protocols in place and players and coaches are wearing masks on the sidelines. Parents are wearing masks in the stands.

Because they don’t test like colleges, we never know about or lose players to the asymptomatic cases. Overall there are very few cases in our high school and no evidence of spread in the school or program. I see no signs of skirting anything.


How frequently are the high schools testing?

Living out in the west, the entire fall sports season has been cancelled in Nevada and California. Schools in the Reno area and going to completely virtual learning. Too many people really sick.

Everything is shut down also here in Oregon (high school sports-wise).

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I would hate to live in California right now

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High schools are not testing.

Only way some games were canceled when word gets out something is going on at the school.

As bad as college has been hit this year and with the shear number of high schools in the state - now way a massive cancellation shouldnt have happened now. You have isolated cases but no way this is working that smooth on that level

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