NCAA's Division II, Division III fall championships canceled

Well, at least they didn’t bother with the ol’ “health and well-being of our student athletes” line that most give:

The Division II Presidents Council canceled its seven fall championships for 2020, citing “the operational, logistical and financial challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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D1 will soon follow.

D1 is stubborn.

So is the general workforce of the U S. They shut that down.

They will delay and move it out long before they’ll just outright cancel. Way too much money involved and way too much risk exposure and long term economiic impact to just cancel. That will be the last resort. As our commish said (and the decision is at the conference levels), we will delay the season and for him, moving to the spring was the last resort, not cancelling.

FCS, anyway

I wish… Apparently they’ll risk your health for that.