Nebraska AG: B1G cancellation may violate Nebraska Nonprofit Corporation Act

Interesting take.

Easy solution, don’t do business in Nebraska by not having Nebraska in the conference

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This could help us because we’d be a good member and comply without making waves. Not saying we would get their spot but I think it helps because in the future they might think twice before adding teams with egos.

They are pulling out subset x line z on trying to play

Where are the university Presidents in all of this? They make it sound like the Big10 made the call, but it has to be influenced by the Presidents. They should also be the ones talking to their own athletic departments.


I believe it was the university presidents who voted 11-3 to postpone the season.

I have a hard time believing these lawsuits have any merit. They’re just pandering to the masses.


Nebraska is trying its best to get kicked out of the Big Ten.


In the end Nebraska will realize they aren’t helping themselves by rattling their cage so much, and they’ll accept that being in a conference is kind of a “for better or worse” situation, and get on with their lives.