Nebraska and Iowa to the AAC?

Bring on Nebraska and Iowa for one year into the AAC

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I think for one year you could see Nebraska and Iowa in the Big 12 and Ohio State in the SEC.

I also think for one year you could see BYU, Air Force and Army in the AAC.

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Clickbait title


what this the status of air force?
if army and navy play you would think air force would play…actually the president could probably mandate it.

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How much money is made for each click on this headline? Lol #clickbait

To my knowledge, Air Force is planning to play Army and Navy and nobody else.

As an Iowa STH, there is zero traction for anything like this. I don’t even think the Hawks will try to play an independent schedule.

I’d be happy to see Iowa play Nebraska and Iowa State just to give the team something to work on and get film on the players.

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