Need a change at QB

The current QB is not productive at all and it’s not play calling - but lack of execution.

Our offense is anemic. We need some kind of spark.

Holgorsen is fully accountable to recognize this.


Needed a coaching staff change before anything else.


I guess Colley isn’t ready. But neither is our starter.

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If a second year backup quarterback still isn’t ready, then it is a TOTAL FAILURE of the football program.


Holgo ain’t it


Yezman ain’t it


How would we know, we have never had a chance to see him. If he’s not the guy, then give Ui Ale a shot, or Wijay. Or stop recruiting guys you don’t want to use. Our current QB is too indecisive and slow to process what’s happening on the field. If he has a long time and no rush, he can find the guy streaking downfield and get the ball out there where maybe the WR can catch it. Brown made a great catch on that long bomb. But it was too long to let him keep his feet.


Both Smith and Holgy ain’t it!


But a few knuckleheads said that he is NFL bound! A rare talent with size, standing 6’5” tall they said! And once Dana has coached him up (Since the staff at Tech doesn’t know what they’re doing) he would be lights out for us! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I too thought Smith would round into form. But his play tonight was more like a rarely used back up. Good enough to not blow up the laboratory but not good enough to make the beakers smoke. Just a fill-in for when you’re in a bind. Not starter material on a “good” team.


It’s playcalling, but also so,e lack of execution.
I agree with at least rotating someone else in to see what they can do. You never know if you have the next Greg Ward if you don’t give him a shot at live action.


I think we have a QB corps of second and third stringers. I don’t think the fathers of talented, young QBs want their sons to play for Dana.

I’m afraid that we’re in the “moving the deck chairs on the Titanic” phase of grief.


You left out under water

I guess I should have put a smiley face. We flat aren’t getting it done. Offense was totally anemic and while the defense played decent it was nowhere close to where it should be.
When our qb threw that 4th down pass out of bounds I think that pretty well sums up the game and the rest of our season unless major changes are made


The issue is that CDH has invested a lot of time and PROMISES to our current starter to get him to come here and now CDH has to eat crow and we all know how good he is at owning up to his mistakes. I believe it is obvious to most all who have watched that he’s not #1 material at this level. Probably not even G5, but he would do well at Div ll. Evidently he’s a great kid and a leader and it’s a shame that his head has been pumped full of how great a player he is. For his sake, I hope he can emotionally handle what’s ahead. For all of our sake, I hope CDH is struggling with the emotions of counting his millions from his house next Saturday, but we all know that’s highly unlikely to happen.

If I’m the coach, that play would result in an immediate change. There’s so much wrong with it, but the big thing is that it makes the rest of the team go “WTF, dude?”


Tech 3rd Stringer some said would be the savor is not. SHOCKER.


Needs his Diapy changed at any sense of pressure.

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Coley is a little younger and probably has more room to grow. Hard to see Smith ever being much different than what he is.